Market trading on European Headlines and Fears

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The market has recently been fleeced by whats emerging out of Europe. Its already been months one factor after an additional which keeps nagging the market trajectory. The situation seems to get better and than it reverses back to bad and the headlines keeps driving the market. Basically its the Europe headlines the way they blow and take the market. When the market is not sure volumes thin out and it drifts slowly downwards. Its a dull market to short, can reverse on dime. It makes trading difficult and very risky. One headline and it can tank 200 to 300 points on DOW.

On the other side US economy has been gradually improving. Retail, manufacturing and GDP numbers all pointing to the upside. This is just the quality of things that keep giving hope to investors. The latest where the Thanksgiving sales numbers came in 7.1 percent higher than last year. This of course could have vaulted the marketplace into rally mode, but alas these headlines from Europe came crashing lower on the party. All of us are at stand still and S&P 500 is sitting on its 200 day moving average waiting with regard to clues to climb higher.

This has been a fear lead trading in the markets. The trend is up but stalling at the moment. Lets us know what you think.

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