Market Closes Down On FED Stimulus News

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  1. maskedavenger777 Says:

    Let me post please?

  2. PSAadmin Says:

    @Benjaminei Never fails, every bounce has someone believing they are smarter than the chart… the chart never lies.

  3. Benjaminei Says:

    Guess all the angry bulls won’t bother to comment anymore… for now. Great job Christian, I hope you continue doing what you do.

  4. LeukeGast Says:

    Thanks Christian, you opened my eyes. I think now DJ is going soon below 10000 pnts, or am I now too optimistic?

  5. OldMrGrace Says:

    @buffett1000 Spot on buffett. I couldn’t have put it better myself. They are all fraudsters, charlatans, and pimps with their own poltical agenda. Which is why I never watch them. Total joke.

  6. colty77 Says:

    I was keeping a close watch on the US Dollar index today before/after the FED report.. it dropped, but has since bounced back (never dropped below 80) to about 81.5. So the 80 support level seems solid for now, and look for it to zigzag up to at least 85 over the next few weeks maybe (oversold technical bounce off of 200DMA). That would almost guarantee a drop in the markets to it’s late June lows, then lower. The long awaited correction to this rally (bearish rising wedge) may be at hand.

  7. cosmosgato Says:

    @cunnidvd God bless CNBC! Trading is a zero sum game.

  8. rpur441044 Says:

    Its not QE2..they are reinvesting from the assets on the balance sheet,not printing tons of money.Huge difference from the original.Now if unemployment goes past 10.5 percent then they print.Yes i know U6 is 16%.

  9. dnichols24 Says:

    love the videos!!!! you are a badass mofo!!!!! made some cheez shorting spy and selling short calls yesterday, (covered today) thanks my man! !!!!!!!

  10. buffett1000 Says:

    Yes you can believe it. CNBC talking heads are company directors and fund managers. They WANT high shares prices, they WANT you to buy shares, to earning commsions and get share options. Their talk isn’t objective. They never said sell the market in 2007 did they? No. They are muppets, blind to the crisis, in love with printed money, which isn’t working. Gerald celente, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers and Mark Faber. THESE are the people worth listening to. Forget the brain washed talking heads.

  11. cunnidvd Says:

    I cannot believe the way many on CNBC are talking this market up. I cannot believe anyone thinks that QE2 would be a good thing.

  12. BestTrades Says:

    Semi’s look very weak – snookie says end of late summer rally looks on track.

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