Market Charts Say, Sell

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  1. merragspy Says:

    i liket man keepit up

  2. PSAadmin Says:

    @adamantiaf1 You’re making the same error many make… go back and look at the crash of 2008 and compare those signals to those seen today. How oversold were your secondary indicators back then? They would have easily mislead you then just as they are doing so today.

  3. me2995 Says:

    Just shorted some too, bought: BGZ, DOG, QID and SDS. Tight stops though.

  4. adamantiaf1 Says:

    This is unsustainable? Really? Explain to me how this is possible when RSI is only at 58 on the DJI and MACD is < 0?

  5. mistapikkles Says:

    “That is where smart money will STOMP YOU!’

  6. 389Lee Says:


  7. Mrtechdiver1 Says:

    Nice work thanks Christian. 200 SMA seems to be the ceiling. Added some shorts today F and FAS just to name some. There’s still some excellent overextended stocks out there. Just for those who’s looking for good scanner and news feeds I am using can’t believe it’s for free.

  8. noetherianring Says:

    good work man

  9. zozo71zozo71 Says:

    very good ….. like it

  10. Awildwildworld Says:

    HHAHA . Made me laugh again . THANK YOU.

  11. DayWaiter Says:

    Hi Christian, thanks for the videos, very entertaining for a trading nut like me

  12. xoomoon Says:

    Christian, thanks for the nightly analysis! Great video! What kind of charting program do you use on your videos? It looks very easy to use.

  13. 2sedated Says:

    Ouu look at that 🙂
    Dumb money 😀

  14. Cyrus992 Says:

    Of Course sell.. but I dont think that it will crash heavily until fall… Summer rallies are commom..

  15. OldMrGrace Says:

    Please bear in mind that ETFs which track foreign markets can be adversely affected by exchange rate fluctuations. I was in EPV a couple of weeks ago when the markets were tanking on both side of the Atlantic, yet EPV closed down big one day because the Euro rallied sharply against the Buck.

  16. goldwing25 Says:

    Thanks for the insight, looks to be getting close.

  17. buffett1000 Says:

    Target 1150 on the S&P max and FTSE 5500 max Christan by next Friday I reckon. Then be short, be ultra short. SUK2 is a twice leveraged bear FTSE100 ETF, worth checking out. If we can target 4500 on the FTSDE by late Oct on the FTSE100 and we short from 5500, that’s an 18% drop – and at twice leveraged, 36% ! Even better is the NYSE’s FAZ, triple short financial sector ETF. Currently around $14.

  18. cabadejo Says:

    I am in the UK so my charts are GMT+1 and my charts run 24 hours because as soon as the market closes it switches into the futures.
    All the US indices have bearish candles today.
    Oil, which closely follows the stock indices, looks like it is itching to take a fall and the AUD/CHF currency pair which mirrors the Dow has a bearish candle for today as well.

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