Margaret Goes Dancing

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Margaret is sure she could never get Jim to agree to take dancing classes with her.

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  1. ddenuci Says:

    Jane Wyatt and Robert Young both lived into their 90’s. Good for them.

  2. BrentAudi Says:

    This is great.
    Wish they were playing these on RTV!

  3. lizethramirez27 Says:

    I’m so happy these fake times are over 🙂

  4. Fruth37 Says:

    “It’s not only the mamba, it’s not only the mamba.”..oops that was The Honeymooners.

  5. aztecmija Says:

    aw that was so cute. i really miss these shows. i’m young but i grew up on them so it’s great to go back to my nick at nite days haha.

  6. MissAnthropolis Says:

    A show without sexual enuendos and CSI busting in and examining a murder scene? My this is different.

  7. amylovesmusic1718 Says:


  8. mslizzyborden Says:

    P.S. I miss Robert Young.

  9. mslizzyborden Says:

    Very good….

  10. cbaydalavideos Says:

    Did you check out the intense conflict in the show? And, how it was resolved and how everyone lived happily everafter. So simple, so sweet, and so effective.

  11. rhandy99 Says:

    Love it, reminds of growing up watching the old reruns on channel 39!!

  12. myasweetlips Says:

    I miss all the old shows like this one, they dont make them like they used to.

  13. kidstalkpolitics Says:

    Haven’t seen these in years. Ah, the 50s.

  14. fraggib Says:

    I remember these when they first came to television. They bring back good memories. Thanks

  15. vinny2525 Says:

    Great episode. Thanks for posting these.

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  18. yolandavv Says:

    They don’t make movies like this any more!!! Clean cut!!!

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