Marc Faber “US will default on debt or enter hyperinflation” 02-05-09

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Need a domain or website for business? Family? Personal? Letter to my Senators Marc Faber on US Debt and Economy

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  1. YeaWhiplash Says:

    LOL i like that quote from ghanoreah ghandi. I may use it sometime. Anyhow,i 100% agree that jesus didnt hate gays.

  2. NATOvsENEMIES Says:

    as ghandi has famously said, i like your jesus, i hate your christians.

    i have read the new testament, jesus did not hate gay people.

  3. YeaWhiplash Says:

    @NATOvsENEMIES To call jesus gay is just wrong.Forget christians and all the dogma bullshit.Jesus only helped,healed, peace taught and was crucified. Men like jesus,gandhi,pope john paul II are men that dedicate their life in the hope that ALL MANKIND improves their ways.
    WTF have you done for the HUMAN RACE?

  4. thegreenerthemeaner Says:

    there has yet to be a theocracy. time will tell

  5. Flagstaff12 Says:

    Please don’t try to justify this with an old book

  6. NATOvsENEMIES Says:

    hahahahhahahaha OMFG cause we all know how successful theocracies have been. that’s the last thing we need!!!!

    jesus was a very gay man.

  7. thegreenerthemeaner Says:

    it’s almost time for theocratic order. Read the bible and what is going on in the world is no surprise.

  8. timesplitters333 Says:

    America already look like a Nazi look alike state!

    its so scary:(((

    We never learn…

  9. tickyul Says:

    I just don’t know what to think anymore about my country-THE UNITED STATES OF AMERITARD. The national debt will be 14 trillion at the end of 2010, Ameritards demand more and more goodies, no end in sight. On top of that, we have decided to go to war every couple of years in some 6th world craphole. Oh yeah, it is now OUR job to rebuild Haiti, we have already spent 600 million on the most recent disaster, money that is based on our debt to China. This country has the most crazy people running it.

  10. buddymac201 Says:

    Abandoning the gold standard was the biggest mistake the US ever made. if your currency has no backing then eventually it will become worthless

  11. APRtunedAudi Says:

    Actually no that isn’t true. That may have been the case over a decade ago. The fed govt has been paying farmers to NOT grow crops to drive up crop prices. This year will be smallest winter wheat crop and soybean crop since 1913. The food exports from California are down 30% because of lack of irrigation and no loans for seed. Come spring time, food prices in the US will begin to go ballistic; there won’t be enough food for people in this country, let alone the world.

  12. slickrickdarula Says:

    its the other way around, the world demand for us dollars is the only thing keeping the US dollar up. the second the world goes to other currency’s for international trade… its all over

  13. 407buddy Says:

    How can people fight back the frauds.?
    By learning all about how our fraudulent fiat money “system” works, unravel the web of lies and the frauds, connect the dots, become an informed and (bare bone essentials) consumer, disassociate yourself from this fraudulent paper money system, expose what you have unraveled to others. Shop local mom and pop, buy some 9999 pure silver bullion (in your hands). Protect yourself.
    Starve the Beast!

  14. EuropeanAmericanMan Says:

    They keep him on the island as long as he has military hegemony and key oil fields, pipelines controlled to force the rest of them to barter for that lifeblood of the island economy (oil), in his very own currency they can get from nobody else but him.

    Once they squeeze out of that death grip I would say they would probably let the fat useless fuck die.

    Just my two cents.

  15. EuropeanAmericanMan Says:

    lol, I laugh my ass off when he says that.

  16. tropsmoo Says:

    few guys stranded on an island, 1 US, 1 JPN, 1 MEX, 1 BRIT, 1 CHI… the JPN fishes, the MEX cleans, the BRIT cooks, the CHI sets up sleeping and living quarters… the US guy sleeps all day, eats 80% of the food, and the other guys get the rest. US guy says, “u guys all thk me, bc of me, you all have jobs”… how long before they kick him off the island?

  17. 407buddy Says:

    OTC Gold and Silver (leasing) contracts and certificates are a fraud
    Comex and LBME won’t be able to satisfy physical gold and silver delivery
    They will use an escape clause called a “Force Majeure” to withhold physical
    delivery if that was demanded from their paper gold (contract) holders
    Physically holding gold and silver bullion in your possession is crucial
    Past 10 years: S&P down 24%, Ndx down 49%, Dji down 31%, U$D down 23%
    Gold up 280%, Silver up 209%. (source: Jesse’s Cafe Americaine)

  18. Kelthuzad126 Says:

    The United States feeds most of the world now, if we begin to starve soon then everyone else is seriously boned.

  19. APRtunedAudi Says:

    I always laugh my ass of when I hear Marc say ‘founded by one of the great leaders of this world’ XD

  20. megawarpvideo Says:

    United States of Zimbabwe XD

  21. edjuh10 Says:

    Nice videos.

    Please check my channel and subscribe for the latest peter schiff,marc faber,jim rogers,gerald celente vids.

    Lets prepare for hyperinflation

  22. shfbdfi1273 Says:

    We can use Iraqi and Kuwaiti oil to pay for our debts. We own those countries.

  23. eliasmouawad Says:

    Search for CBO PROVES DEBT

  24. louiethegreater Says:

    It’s in their interest that our economy stays afloat. We are their biggest export partner. Who else would be stupid enough to give them excess to our markets the way our congress does.

  25. drow809 Says:

    @louiethegreater lol

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