Marc Faber on CNBC 15 March 2011

Pin It for details Marc Faber on CNBC 15 March 2011

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  1. cashscholar Says:

    @Elmore3141 Oh I got it. Thanks for explaining.

  2. Elmore3141 Says:

    @cashscholar He’s referring to an extra tax on profits made by oil companies. i.e. if they’re too successful in any one year or quarter, they’ll be punished by our federal government.

  3. mikailmari Says:

    end of euro is near…finland dont like euro and germany.

  4. eliasmouawad Says:

    US Gov bankrupt
    Search For

  5. cashscholar Says:

    What does he mean at 8:20 when he talks about an “oil excess profits tax” ? What would be the purpose of that kind of tax? Would that be a tax on citizen’s purchasing oil or the oil companies?

  6. tacitus7 Says:

    @GOLDSILVERDUDE Now let’s be nice:>)

  7. SomeLittleShoe Says:

    QE 18—LOL!! I love Marc Faber!

  8. haveabeer123 Says:

    fucking stupid sound effects… so annoying i turned it off after the 3rd one…

  9. Truthsabre777 Says:

    I love MF!!

  10. antitheistpansy Says:

    QE 18. LOL

  11. overseachininadoll Says:

    I can’t believe these two CNBC guys just don’t get what means “Nuclear Meltdown.” to the market? How come they can be so smart yet so stupid?

  12. MrAk47nut Says:

    Marc is great

  13. fighter4realmoney Says:

    buy silver if u dont want to loose

  14. RememberForThePeople Says:

    These MSM clowns would be stunned if Faber told them they would have a bowel movement after the meltdown in Japanese reactor #4. Unreal. They need a real job.

  15. BobbyW3363 Says:

    @decepticonsofnwo I’m with you man. CNBC is a bunch of MSM bullshit. I’ve just been folllowing markets for a long time and I enjoy watching Squawk Box in the morning. Of the 3 hosts, Kernen is the most entertaining and is usually semi-reasonable. I’m definitely not learning anything from any CNBC host or from 90% of the “experts” they have on. I usually find myself either appalled or laughing at them.

  16. BobbyW3363 Says:

    @kcirdrab Other than hyperinflation, the only other things I can think of that could stop them would be for congress to eliminate their dual-mandate (they currently are supposed to use monetary policy to both support “full employment” and to fight price inflation). If their mandate were to only fight inflation, it could change their actions. Congress could also legalize competing currencies which could make the Fed irrelevant. Both of these are highly unlikely.

  17. BobbyW3363 Says:

    @kcirdrab One thing that is likely to be the beginning of the end for the Fed will take place in the bond market. One of these days there is going to be a big spike in treasury yields brought on the US debt situation. This will increase the govt’s cost of borrowing, and will put pressure on the Fed to come in and support the treasury prices. This will backfire and further increase the cost of borrowing and could lead to a vicious circle that leads to hyperinflation and collapse of the dollar.

  18. decepticonsofnwo Says:

    @BobbyW3363 U watching a bunch of ass clowns that spread disinformation, yeah i love hearing their explanations for why precious metals are consolidating, if i was peter schiff everytime the stock market was down i would come on national television and blow ass wind like squak box and tell the public “the reason markets are down is because investors are reallocating their money to safe haven assets like gold and silver”

  19. decepticonsofnwo Says:

    @kcirdrab that event where the road of debt comes to a dead end is simple, its the event where china and the rest of the world hold u.s. securities dumps them on the market and moves into trade agreements with other countries using alternative currencies to the dollar. China and russia have already set future trend, they are now trading in the chinese renimbi, the Fed buying treasuries and suppressing interest rates will stop, china will make them

  20. GreatInca Says:

    I thought at least 3 reactors, one of them MOX-fueld (plutonium) were already melting down at least partially?

  21. SidneyBou Says:

    Thanks for putting date in title.

  22. ibislee Says:

    Either Sleezeman and the other douche bag are bad actors or they are truly really shocked by what has been obvious to everyone else. The inevitable is that we can’t print monopoly money forever to purchase and pay our debtors.

  23. yoyuepz Says:


    I agree!

    But I love Japanese women…. its a pity…… 🙁

  24. kcirdrab Says:

    @BobbyW3363 – Interesting answer, thx., but what’s the thing that’s gonna stop the central banks printing if they won’t stop willingly themselves?

    They can’t just keep on & on buying their own mountain of debt & printing can they? At some point this runs out of road & I’m trying to figure when that is & what’s going to be the event that does it : /

  25. BobbyW3363 Says:

    @GOLDSILVERDUDE Joe Kernen doesn’t “get it”, in terms of Austrian Economics, precious metals, the Fed, etc. But he is actually a good reporter and usually is very entertaining. I’d be pretty pissed if you cut his head off because then I could no longer enjoy watching Squawk Box in the morning.

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