Man Flying across Rio de Janeiro

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You followed the sun to Rio de Janeiro…Cuz you got so sick and tired of the London rain- Alice Cooper “Its me”

If you have been to Rio its a beautiful city, sunny bright and full of good looking people. Copacabana beach is where most people go to look at each other and the waves and sun will get you tanned in few days. There is a beautiful skyline and hotels along the curvy road hugging the beach. It’s tropical paradise.

If you need more adventure, streak across the skies of Rio De Janiero ,  and get your adrenaline fix just like the man in this video. Yves Rossy a former jet pilot donned his Jet pack and dropped out from helicopter and here is how the world looked beneath him. He circle the famous Christo statue and than landed on the Copacabana beach.

The flight took  merely 11 minutes and was the first ever anyone has streaked past the Christos statue on a Jet powered wingspan.  Yves is well know for his flying adventures around the world he did a similar feat across Grand Canyon on his wings. We wish him the best.



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