Making Money Online 3 Commen Lies

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Everbody claims they are the expert when it comes to making money online. People think because they can create a great sales letter they can show you how to make money online. Many people looking for ways to make money on the internet are often give contradictory information. You end up going away having learnt nothing.


Here are 3 common lies that are peddled by self styled gurus about making money on the internet.


1 That His £145 Software Will Earn You Income on Autopilot.


Listen there is nothing like autopilot income. Alot of time spent learning through trial and error can be reduced by having a proper coach. This does not mean that your guru will automatically hand you over a money making machine that will enable you to work from the beach.


Your Internet Marketing Coach will only reveal his close guarded secrets because he knows for it to work it requires something he carn’t manufacture your effort. 


2 That You Will Earn £39000 within 24 Hours of Signing Up.


No matter how good a student you are there is no way you can make a lot of money within the first one week leave alone the first 24 hours. Every newbie goes through a learning curve where he or she gets to understand the bitter side of making money online.


If you are a freelance writer you’ll be wondering what to write about. If you want to make money with Amazon products it will take you a day or two even before you are accepted. During the first few days weeks and even months you will need to spend a pound here and a pound there. You won’t be making money honestly.


3 That All Online Moneymaking Ideas Are Scams.


Of course you will not get this lie from your trusted coach. You will here this from your friends and family who think the only method is through bricks and morter. Their arguments are common if it is genuine it shouldn’t be free if its paid it is a scam.


Making money online is something that anyone can do. However unlike what most people will tell you it requires more skills than just the ability to switch on a computer and sign up for a training course. It requires patience discipline and focus.


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