Making it easier to save for retirement

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As we spend time with family and friends this Labor Day weekend, many of us will also be thinking about the state of working America. Yesterday, we received a report showing that job losses have slowed dramatically compared to just a few months ago. Earlier in the week, we learned that the manufacturing sector has posted its first gains in eighteen months, and that many of the banks that borrowed money at the height of the financial crisis are now returning it to taxpayers with interest …

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  1. BrittPhillips Says:

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  2. SoldierAtBattle4us Says:

    i just read an article of how the unemployment rate is getting high, obama is a compulsive liar now, there is no way i’d invest in retirement with his lies, if he is reading off a script he should stop reading cause it seems it’s what he is doing, gee what a puppet, it keeps getting more ridiculous, it doesn’t surprize me it’s all scripted, all of this they are doing, and what will happen in the future, just as they planned, the worst thing is ppl believe them, as if they were making big change

  3. ASentinel2 Says:

    I say Joe Wilson for President 2012 !!!

    I luv the soundbite from the debates….

    “Well Obama…..I’ve said it before….and I’ll say it again….YOU LIE !!!!


  4. 33115566 Says:

    Did I miss the repeal of social security? Having been an investor for many years, I’m uneasy that these changes in 401k and IRA rules bolster Wall Street. Perhaps this would be more positive if the government were to sell us I bonds for retirement accounts, and formulate new approaches to measuring inflation.

  5. jotunobsidianeyes Says:

    Don’t blame me, my vote didn’t count.

  6. djtrixen Says:

    Don’t blame me, I voted for McCain. 🙂

  7. radudeATL Says:

    Mr. President – things aren’t going well. 1st HCR is blowing up, as is Afghanistan; DOMA and DADT are still firmly entrenched, and now Van Jones has resigned in disgrace. A Glenn Beck victory! How embarrassing. And I voted for you! I donated money to your campaign! Please don’t make me regret doing so; I’m well on my way there…

  8. chewbaca1989 Says:

    Dollar with Obama’s image, anyone?

    Obamonopoly money, hmm. Thanks a lot Mr. President.

  9. noncompliant2 Says:

    Have you ever respected a person that said one thing and then did the complete opposite? Do you think this would develop trust? If there was any “common sense” change to be made, don’t you think we would have changed it before this “problem”?

  10. TechManFFFF Says:

    What a hypocrit! I can’t believe he is going to talk about families that have spent beyond their means, and he is going to help americans save. His administration is spending far more beyond the americans means, but they don’t stop their extra spending but expect us to do. This is the “Do as I say, not as I do” Administration….

  11. ubuibiok Says:

    With the cash printed in the last 6 months, only a fool would save it… off you debits, get as far ahead on your mortgage and principle pre-payments as fast as you possible can.

    Save in a 401k, ha, didn’t he read and understand the first part of his own message ?
    “American people have lost about $2 trillion in retirement savings.”

    Git real “decline in the financial markets has led to a decline in the value of 401(k)s ” .

    If there handing out Pink Slips, we are in trouble, PERIOD

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