Making Guitar Picks from Credit or Gift Cards

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Jeff Moenich from sixstringobsession shows how to make guitar picks from expired credit/gift cards.

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  1. ExploitPublic Says:

    Thats a YAMAHA F310 Acoustic guitar, thats a very good quality guitar rite there, i have one my self…they arnt to expensive nowadays niether

  2. morsony96 Says:

    Yeah xD

  3. osvas23 Says:

    if u want to make a collection
    its kinda cheating making ur own

  4. tommyiscool007 Says:

    same here

  5. reptileking334 Says:

    I HAZ A YAMAHA AND ITS ALSOME!!!!!!! hehehe

  6. sasdori01 Says:

    not tryin to hate u but of course it will work i use a quarter a cuzinz house on his guitar cause he ant got a pc

  7. MasiCool232 Says:

    i did this too. it works sor great and it’s for 0 bucks.

  8. jimmyp73 Says:

    i realy dont see how plastic hurts the enviroment so bad as long as you dispose of it properly

  9. NinjaPirate1205 Says:

    thanks for the video its so helpful!!!

  10. sixstringobsession Says:

    I forgot I was using my friend’s guitar. You’re right, it is a Yamaha. Thanks for the comments

  11. gianna910 Says:

    ikr.this is awesome :]]

  12. wertaso Says:

    this is really helpful!! omyword, you can save the earth thru recycling than buying rytt??

  13. wertaso Says:

    we have thesame guitar.. is it YAMAHA??

  14. gunnarbjarkihallgrim Says:

    i prefer buying them

  15. Falling12Shadow Says:

    Nice good idea but I prefer making them out of cds

  16. sixstringobsession Says:

    You made my day! My friends at work call me Dr. Green all the time! Thanks!

  17. MortandHarley Says:

    Now we know where that guy from the ER T.V. show ended up!!! Did you go back for the season finale? LOL

  18. nutmegger1957 Says:

    Not a bad idea, if you can’t afford a pick at the guitar store………teehee

  19. SonicChaosControl Says:

    ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
    thank you!!!

  20. sixstringobsession Says:

    You are welcome!

  21. xangelrosyx Says:

    That is such a smart and clever idea 😀 Thanks a lot and I will be making my own guitar picks 🙂

  22. jackassjuan Says:

    thanks and i was about to get guitar picks right now

  23. wvluhmann Says:

    great idea…the pickpunch will be out next year also if you want a quicker way to make them…..take care

  24. GraceFaceFilms Says:

    That’s so resourceful! I loved the seashell pic–whoever made that is very creative!

    You know, I believe that McDonalds arch cards would make really neat looking guitar pics…

  25. jrrufus100 Says:


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