Makin’ Money Vol. 14

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Even the Ultimate Businessman™ needs a break every now and then…but what could possibly get Frank to stop thinking about business? Two hots and a cot – don’t forget about Bubba!

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  1. jem08002 Says:

    havin a frank marathon over here

  2. makoslade Says:

    It looks like Frank called down the thunder and got snowflakes – an avalanche of snowflakes. Does he have a broken nose and broken ribs? Who possibly could have done this to him?

  3. lakefilms Says:

    Hey Frankie, welcome back! Man, did you get hammered! But, you’re back, now we all can rest…

  4. stoman510 Says:

    Looking good, Frank. You have my sympathy. I’m Glad to see that nothing stops you.

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