Make Money With Google AdWords

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There is no more powerful and no higher volume online advertising tool than Google Adwords. Tens of millions use it every year to choose keywords, test ads, and launch advertising campaigns on Google and its search partners—and some companies and even some individuals earn six and seven figures doing so. It’s no wonder that you are ready to start using Google Adwords to make money.

The first thing to understand is that Google Adwords does something that no other form of internet marketing is able to do. Adwords only shows your ads to people who are likely to want your product. Adwords targets the exact customers you want to reach to make your sales. It does this by providing you with unmatched access to demographic tools, and by giving you tested keywords and keyword phrases that let you match you content to your ad, and your ad to the people who actually go online. Whenever someone in your target demographic searches for your keywords and keyword phrases, they will see your ad at the side of the screen. And the beauty of Adwords is you only pay when someone clicks on your ad to go to your site.

Just as an example, let’s suppose you run a fantasy baseball website. You can use Adwords tools to craft a fantasy baseball related ad. You can also use Adwords tools to decide when to run your ad. Over the course of a year, anywhere from 74,000 to 20,000,000 people run searches for information about fantasy baseball, the peak month being March. Adwords can let you choose which months are best for you. In the peak months, there’s the most competition, but there are also the most customers. The average Cost per Click (CPC) is around $0.93 and each search can be a valuable, targeted visitor toward your fantasy baseball internet marketing service.

Let’s further suppose that you make $20 per sign up to your website with an additional $100 per 10,000 visits you get in ad revenue. Of course, the more people you can get coming to your website, the more money you will make. If one in 20 people signs up for your site after clicking your ad, you make about a dollar in profit per signup, plus whatever profit you make on advertising revenue for their repeat visits. If you refine your ad campaign so that one in 10 people you get from Adwords signs up for your site, then you make a whopping $10 per signup, a 1000% improvement in return on investment for just a 100% improvement in signups.

Like any other advertising option, Adwords is a basic investment. You put money in to get more money out. Unlike other advertising services, though, Google Adwords gives you more control over exactly what kind of traffic you generate for your website. You can choose whom to target, what kinds of searches to target, and when to display your ads for maximum response.

As you hone your target demographic, you will earn enough to reinvest in even more advertising to grow your niche on the net. Millions have done this already and proven that online advertising is one of the best moneymakers around.

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