Low Exectation Currency Trading Philosophy

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I would like to share with you a counter-intuitive Forex Trading Mindset I call, “Low Expectation Forex Trading”. I know it sounds wrong that you need to lower your Forex trading expectations. But lowering what you expect to gain from your trading just could be the action you need to take to start reaching your profit goals. Let’s start by having you think about the following questions.

What percentage growth in your account would you need for you to consider yourself a excellent Forex trader? Do you have a goal that represents what success would be? And how are you arriving at these expectations, results from other real traders or unfounded claims on some website? Are you really looking for 100% profits every month? Is that what you need from Forex trading to consider your efforts worthwhile?

The truth is, most people do not know what it looks like when you are a profitable trader. No matter what your results are you believe you need more. This is understandable since the majority of people wanting to profit from currency trading these days are at-home traders with little contact to real traders. And since you do not see what results other traders are getting, you always think they are doing better than you.

When you boil it down, success is determined by your expectations. If you meet your expectations, you feel like a success. If you do not reach your goals, you’ll consider yourself a failure.

The smart thing to do is lower your expectations and make your goals easily reachable. Taking this step can make your success highly probable. When you adhere to the “Low Expectation Forex Trading Philosophy” you can make success a reality and not just a dream. Now don’t worry, great wealth can be reached over time even if your monthly and yearly goals are reasonable.

Here are 3 places you should consider lowering your expectations…

You should consider decreasing percentage gains monthly or yearly goals. Of course, it would be wonderful to see 100% profits monthly. But that is just not a reasonable expectation, no matter what the so called Forex gurus say. Starting with just $2000 and making 100% a year (not a month), would make you over a million dollars in under 10 years.

You should consider decreasing your monthly goals in terms of pip gains. Everyone seems to be stuck thinking you need 1000 pips a month to be profitable. The truth is, how many pips you make is not as important as profit percentages per month. You might be surprised to know you can make huge profits with only 100-200 pips a month.

You should consider lowering your expectation of trading Forex on your own. The fact is, Forex trading is not for everyone and most people can never learn to do it profitably under live market conditions. You should consider having a pro trader do the work for you and use a signals service. To learn more: Forex Trading Mindset

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