Louis CK on Gay Marriage

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louie’s take on one of the topics most relevant to our time

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  1. Liquid5nak3 Says:

    @drodude301 sauce

  2. vegetto101 Says:

    I love how Youtube is now a nesting ground for keyboard warriors

  3. orjysean Says:

    @drodude301 It also says you have to marry the girl. So a girl gets raped, her dad gets paid and she has to marry her rapist? What kind of a deal is that?

    Deuteronomy 22:28-29

  4. JayPeezy13 Says:

    I don’t have time to dodge your dicks with my spoon!

  5. stutteringchaos Says:

    louis ck came on to me one time after a show. he is gay. luckily for me i had a gay black friend there that f#$ked the $h!t out of his queer ass.

  6. mdoggin Says:

    @emptysoul25 the holy land – israel

  7. emptysoul25 Says:

    @drodude301 Where do you go to find sheckles?

  8. berniebay Says:


    And you get to marry her.

  9. vversusv Says:

    El Santa Biblio can say anything when quoted out of context. And your incest point is full of pathos, and lacking of logos =(

  10. cimerax Says:

    The Bible says that genocide and slavery are good things, and that the entire human race is the result of incest. We probably should ignore a lot of the content.

  11. A19Productions Says:

    Thumbs up if you pee on the side of the toilet bowl to make less noise.

  12. gmcaveety93 Says:

    @SugarBlaster modern religion? They’ve always said that and always will

  13. paulinah79 Says:

    Well, it seems like stupidity is still apart of this world as it once was..

  14. TomSouthLondon Says:

    this guys a genius!

  15. trist59 Says:

    i understand if 2 gay guys are blowin each other on your lawn be like cmon you fuckin faggots lol

  16. kagemusha776 Says:

    @from93till Hopefully I was clear in that marriage is about more than just tax breaks. Extending marriage rights to those who are gay doesn’t cheapen heterosexual marriage, and won’t lead to a ton of dudes marrying each other just for tax breaks.

  17. from93till Says:

    @kagemusha776 Ignorance at its finest.

  18. kagemusha776 Says:

    @dnutsraisin I don’t understand that. If you’re so excited getting tax breaks, you can always marry your next door neighbor Jane instead.

  19. dnutsraisin Says:

    married people get tax breaks because generally they have children that grow up and pay taxes and contribute to the country….in theory gay people are not procreating…therefor NO tax breaks…makes perfect sense to me…let them get married but you don’t give them same sex rights. If that comes to pass then I’m “marrying” my next door neighbour Phil

  20. dremarcleb Says:

    …now take that same group and hypothetically have them oppose gay marriage. Even though it has no effect on their everyday life, they will fight with all their voice to oppose it. They will say hurtful things, and go to the lengths of bashing if even remotely close to being pursuaded to look at people as a person and not a stereotype. Too many people want only what they want and care not what others want or what others need to be given equal opportunity of liberty and pursuit of happiness.

  21. dremarcleb Says:

    It is amazing the lengths people will go to be adhesively convicted to their convoluted logic. It is not a complicated controversy. It’s only a controversy because of stubborness. If the same people didn’t think it was right for people to keep dogs as pets, then people who thought it was okay to keep dogs as pets would be struggling to change the laws. They would be all angry and wanting rights to care for their beloved pets….

  22. kjbarks Says:

    @JG129 Read Genesis 19 verse 30 through 38. Now do it again. Check NIV version (or any version) it shows up on google first. Verses 1-29 are about Sodom and Gomorrah and 30-38 are about Daddy raping! Get it on!! The best part is that the eldest daughter names her kid Moab, which translates to Father.

    The last part of the story is rarely taught in Sunday School class.

    Also, the Angels didn’t do anything when he offered his daughters up for raping, only when the men were coming for them.

  23. JG129 Says:

    @kjbarks Dude my bad I didn’t even recognize you put 30-38, Yeah hes knocks em up hhahah

  24. JG129 Says:

    @Shizalumni Obviously not its stupidity , But the government loves it because People spend there time arguing about abortion and gay marriage while the real issues are left unquestioned like the war thats still going on and the trillions of dollars of debt and how all americans are loosing most of the rights and freedoms.

  25. JG129 Says:

    @kjbarks what ???? It talks about a man offering up his two daughters too men who want too have sex with two angels but the angels say no and protect them. Don’t get me wrong I think the bible is full of shit but don’t misquote it !! ” With the coming of dawn, the angels urged Lot, saying, “Hurry! Take your wife and your two daughters who are here, or you will be swept away when the city is punished.”” Its talking about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

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