Lip Dub – Klick! Holiday Video Memes

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For the 2010 holidays, Klick created a lip dub video with 63 different internet memes. To see the original internet meme, click the words at the top of the Klick video (note: not all memes are linked). We also gave away a shiny new iPad to the person who could identify the most memes. To find out who won see the Klick website here:

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  1. ecwfanatic1 Says:

    if that was chuck norris, he would have a beard and a fist would come out of it and through your monitor to punch you for saying anything bad about him

  2. KlickIncTV Says:

    @KlickIncTV The answers are now available! You can see them at the top of the Klick Holiday Video. You can click on most of the answers (Youtube sources only) to view the original source. You can also find out who the winner is by visiting the Klick website here:

  3. shenwotson12 Says:

    If you can meet naughty women

  4. bombthreat23 Says:

    hey, you might be on to something, I don’t think the old spice guy is really him either.

  5. super11112002 Says:

    Hmm, beginning to think that wasn’t really Chuck Norris, I’ve seen his Total Gym infomercial and he is not as ripped as the guy in this video.

  6. glenwebster70 Says:

    There are 63 memes and Klick has put the answers into the top of the video now. And they’re all hyperlinked to the original YouTube references! Watch it again and satisfy your curiosity!

  7. brucebrown50 Says:

    i got 55 right and i only counted 62 (the site says 63). a few of them were pretty hard to determine, it could be anything…like the lego guy? but the video was good overall, would have been better if the blonde had her top off, i might have guessed the paris hilton sex tape, in that case.

  8. jondmac01 Says:

    The answers are up on the website (during the video). Wow! I missed quite a few! Darn – no iPad for me!

  9. Lalaskienne1 Says:

    The best lipdub ever!

  10. Gelfur Says:

    may we have the answers, please? (:

  11. SJGBBK18 Says:

    Where’s Wally?!

  12. hitscatusa Says:

    @fishjunky ah yes, it is in there!

  13. XyannisX Says:

    That’s such a fantastic Video, i can’t stop watching it. Great Job!

  14. jondmac01 Says:

    @KlickIncTV I can’t wait to see the ones I didn’t know/see!

  15. jondmac01 Says:

    @KlickIncTV I can’t wait to find out the ones I didn’t know!

  16. JimmerSD Says:

    When do you guys get any work done?

  17. hitscatusa Says:

    Isley brothers – shout

  18. satruper14 Says:

    what is the name of the song ?

  19. nobudgettv1 Says:

    How can a video that is FULL of viral video parodies go viral itself? This is genius!

  20. TheMrsMedia Says:

    i can watch it again and again xD

  21. Idkidkidk92 Says:

    Haha bringing the child back in adulthood…this was good 🙂

  22. tigahbalm Says:

    Anchorman fight

  23. MrDummkopfs Says:

    Nice 🙂

  24. shylove6 Says:

    wow total crazy *_* i love it

  25. Lunation93 Says:

    such a good video^^ 🙂 i like it”!!!!

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