Let Your Kids Go

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As a parent you want to provide your children with safe activities that are still a lot of fun. One Activity would be wall-climbing; it will help them to be fit, well-balanced and tough. In this activity, you will not be too obvious that you are just being protective when you want to do it with them, because this is a game for all ages. Another game to consider is Paintball; a game for any age or boys or girls. The paintball field contains all the players inside, making it a safe sport.

Just like the wall climbing, paintball has many benefits to health. It is good to have an activity with your kids sometimes but it is not good to try to push yourself too hard to protect them without them knowing. It is one game you can share with them. It will definitely make your relationship with them tighter. When you play paintball with your kids there is no generation gap. But let us be honest to ourselves accidents do happen and they mostly happen in areas or activities that require much physical workout.

Paintball requires much physical movement, running, crawling, walking and jumping while being alert and while using the paintball gun are the physical requirement of the game thus with these even though you are there playing with your children you cannot go on to saying that they will be protected from injuries one hundred percent. You have to understand that acquiring minor abrasions, cuts or bruises are part of the game. In addition if you are an overprotective parent and you want to pull out your son or daughter the minute he or she acquires minor or major injuries you have to remember that your child will never remain to be like that forever, and thus they have to experience the ups and downs of the game in order for them to acquire the values and characters that paintball has to offer.

If your child has been defeated he or she will learn to accept it and when he or she wins your child will be able exhibit humility in spite of the excitement that he or she feels for winning. Furthermore, paintball develops characters such as determination, perseverance and honesty, values or characters that should never be ignored and should never be overtaken by the fact that we want our children to be free from small cuts or bruises.

It is good when you can do all activities with your children so that they will not feel awkward with your presence. They will be so used to the feeling that you are around. It is not bad to make your presence felt but not all the time. It will suffocate them especially when it is on a daily basis that they get to see you doing things with them. This way you are being over protective. It doesn’t do anything better but it can ruin relationships. Sometimes you have to let go for them to feel that you trust them. And your trust will make them soar high.


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