Lego Clone Wars 501st Legion V – Republic Sovereignty

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The best episode of 501st Legion I have made (so far) I used particle illusion in it so the effects aren’t too bad. Credit to the ISV tank goes to CloneCommando007 of please rate and comment 🙂

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  1. legoboy123458 Says:

    why dont they escape on the turbo tank?

  2. hudsonk0310 Says:

    NO ROOM FOR YOU!!!!!!

  3. White25003 Says:


  4. Soldierofdoom444 Says:

    those clones at the ends r fags
    i would go down fightin n not in front of a firing squad

  5. luigia989 Says:

    how did u make them talk and put the music in oh and how do u make the effect for the shooting

  6. luigia989 Says:

    how did u make them talk and put the music in

  7. scarletfang1 Says:

    LOL 4:39 no!

  8. dracobird Says:

    more gungan death!!!

  9. christxstar Says:

  10. christxstar Says:

  11. christxstar Says:

  12. christxstar Says:

  13. christxstar Says:

  14. hickke777 Says:

    this is such a awesome video when will the next one come out oh and in the next one could jar jar please fall of the top of the at -te and the get squished by all the vechiles

  15. saveryan34 Says:

    awsome how can any one not like this

  16. flyboysevere Says:

    I have a big black clock… Like this if you read that wrong

  17. ainanabilah134 Says:

    Just put guns down lol

  18. bchan8888 Says:

    lol best vid ever so awesom

  19. legogeekifys Says:

    make a number 6 ppppplllllzzzzz.

  20. TuskinRaider1197 Says:

    Can’t wait 4 the next 1!

  21. hectorinxt Says:

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  22. 530nick Says:

    cool video i like it

  23. peternaruto9 Says:

    at 5:57 a cool beat starts

  24. awarriner Says:

    can i help

  25. Razedbywolves1 Says:

    “who puts a freaking fuel station next to their com center, you idiots?!” lol
    Thumbs up if you love that part of the vid!

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