Laker Kobe Bryant Sells Ankle Insurance….New Nike Viral Video

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If you’re not wearing the new Nike Zoom Kobe IV, you could have your ankles broken by someone who is wearing them. Take it from Kobe.

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  1. YoungBurger Says:

    hahaaah so fuckin random Sitting on a horse haha lmao

  2. ashamalley12 Says:

    Kobe’s more badass than Lebron. He beat the CRAP out of out of some dude yesterday night in NYC after he called him a nigger , the guy was demolished. TMZ posted the video at tmzfights. com

  3. 7mvproy Says:

    Kobe is a great Actor

  4. hockeyfanaticify Says:

    Kobe superman dunk incredible go see it at sportsbrawls. net

  5. msmasoud Says:

    haha listen to his yell at 0:23

  6. ukpongbball Says:

    and that in and out was an easy steal that kobe did

  7. ukpongbball Says:

    what the freeeeaaaaaaaaaak his ankle spinned around so quick and back into place and the other guys acted like it was sumthin regular “like i know it hurts man i know” lololol

  8. vahitsta81 Says:

    Hahahahaha!!!!!1 Fuckin classic! I tried to watch this all the way through without lauhging and i failed! Cracked up as soon as that guy gets his ankle broken

  9. ericsoe001 Says:



    “…….and have nothing left but broken dreams, and shattered dreams!!” LOL.

  11. nyradonna Says:

    This is funny !!! LOL !!!

  12. charlesaustin2009 Says:

    this just dont get old! and a horse? WTF!

  13. nickercrusher Says:

    everyone sprained , twist , or strained their ankle regardless of the shoes.

    the only difference is that if you wear highcut/midcut, the severity of sprain is not that intense because it has a protection compared to low cut shoes which does not have an ankle protection

  14. thenextprototype Says:

    are you more likely to sprain ankles wearing the kobe zoom 4s?

  15. DavidHura69 Says:

    This is funny everytime I see it. The exploding ankle part is hilarious.

  16. crfranchises1 Says:

    I’m a broken down 33 year old white guy. I better get the Ins.

  17. tampabay721 Says:

    The Magic should have gotten ankle insurance for Grant Hill and now Vince Carter.

  18. Rifter09 Says:

    kobe VI will sprain it there low tops but there sexy

  19. Realkill010 Says:

    The horse isn’t even alive(real) 🙂

  20. ryanrox17 Says:

    if kobe rides horses, i ride horses

  21. Samirulz1 Says:

    WTF the horse????

  22. bobpwn Says:


  23. TheSalamanced Says:

    i love it when it zooms out and you see kobe sitting on a horse.

  24. kdc0101 Says:

    dis big ass nigga sitten on a horse wit tennis shoes on lmao

  25. sitebuildbff Says:


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