Krocodil – A Way To A Slow And Painful Death

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There are many drugs found on today’s drug market. These drugs can wreak havoc on the bodies of those who use them. Every day new drugs and new mixtures of drugs emerge creating the newest “high”. The effects seem to get worse; there are drugs that can stop a heartbeat to those that will cause flesh to fall off of the bone. Flesh eating bacteria is a common problem at injection sites for many drugs, however there is one drug in particular that will cause the flesh to rot. This drug is popular in Russia and is known as designer drug krocodil. Its use has spread throughout Russia creating the world’s first drug epidemic.


Krocodil is a form of morphine known as desomorphine. It is about eight times more potent than morphine, but the high does not last as long. Krocodil derives its name from the animal crocodile. This is because the injection site is known to turn green due to gangrene and cause a scaly aftermath, which resembles the scales of the Krocodil. The high is similar to the high achieved from heroin. For this reason it is referred to as the poor man’s drug as it is cheap to produce and the ingredients are easy to find as they are mostly household items.

Poor Man’s Drug

The high created by Krocodil is similar to that of heroin, at a very small fraction of the price. Heroin on the European market is between fifty and eighty US dollars a does. Krocodil, which is made from a common over the counter headache medicine, codeine, is only about four dollars. The other ingredients associated with the production of Krocodil include, gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, red phosphorus and iodine. Red phosphorus is gathered by scraping the scratch pad on a matchbox. It takes about an hour to cook Krocodil, and the high only lasts an hour. Due to its cheap production and easy high, Krocodil, is the leading drug of choice in Russia.

Long Lasting Effects

The effects of Krocodil are straight out of a horror movie. It literally causes the flesh to rot off the bone like a walking un-dead zombie. An addiction to Krocodil, as is the case with most drugs, lethal, however it is a much faster and more painful death in comparison. It is reported that withdrawal from Krocodil also lasts much longer than the average withdrawal time. Rarely do users survive after two years of use. In addition to rotting flesh the drug also causes brain damage leading to motor skill dysfunction and speech impediments. Blood poisoning is common among those who inject Krocodil.


Drug use is rampant in Russia, just as it is in most countries. Northern Russia has winters that last sometimes up to eight months long; this has had an effect on the growing drug epidemic and especially the wide use of Krocodil. People are using drugs out of boredom and depression. Russia only has about 500 drug treatment facilities that cater to drug addicts, most are run by private religious organizations. This makes recovery from any drug addiction very difficult to achieve.

Any drug is dangerous when consumed; krocodile, however, is a step above the rest. The chances of surviving an actual crocodile attack are better than surviving an addiction to Krocodil, for this reason drug rehab must be sought immediately.

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