Kill the Irishman Trailer 2011 HD

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Production Status: In Production/Awaiting Release Genres: Action/Adventure, Crime/Gangster, Adaptation and Biopic Release Date: March 11th, 2011 (limited) MPAA Rating: R for strong violence, language and some sexual content/nudity. Distributors: Anchor Bay Films Production Co: Code Entertainment, Dundee Entertainment Filming Locations: Detroit, Michigan, USA Produced in: United States Over the summer of 1976, thirty-six bombs detonate in the heart of Cleveland while a turf war raged between Irish mobster Danny Greene and the Italian mafia. Turning the tables on loan shark Shondor Birns and allying himself with gangster John Nardi, Greene stops taking orders from the mafia and pursues his own power. Surviving countless assassination attempts from the mob and killing off anyone who went after him in retaliation, Danny Greene’s infamous invincibility and notorious fearlessness eventually led to the collapse of mafia syndicates across the US and also earned him the status of the man the mob couldn’t kill.

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  1. npajk05 Says:

    The book was excellent. Hope the movie is somewhat similar to the book. Excited to see Cleveland on the map for something. Another good story is the rise and fall of the Cleveland mafia. One of the most interesting mafia stories around. I highly recommend reading both books . The author really makes the book what it is by keeping you into it the whole time

  2. Arsenal02071 Says:

    @xkeo21 thats a different movie called “The Irishman” I know kinda confusing

  3. Punkkid2193 Says:

    This looks kind of stupid

  4. RickPorrello Says:

    Story fact: I am the book author. One of the senior mobsters who brought Danny into the Mafia scene was Frank Brancato – portrayed in Kill the Irishman by Vinny Vella. As a young man, Brancato was one of 3 gunmen who burst into a cigar shop and killed my grandfather, uncle and their bodyguard in a hail of gunfire while they played cards in 1932. The 7 Porrello brothers were the second Mafia family in Cleveland and controlled corn sugar which was used to make corn liquor during Prohibition.

  5. Mr001alpa Says:

    this is another story about the Irishman this title is kill the Irishman
    and scorsese with de niro and pacino make another movie by the original title the Irishman come maybe in 2012 and also i hear pesci and keitel gonna be in it

  6. RickPorrello Says:

    Read the book first. To Kill the Irishman – visit my site rickporrello. com, or the amazon listing. The film is coming in March. Congrats to the filmmakers. Official film site is kill the irishman .com .

  7. xkeo21 Says:

    I thought de niro was gonna be in this ?

  8. bigshowgal72 Says:

    OMG!! I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Reddwarfsherrill Says:

    I have seen Doom punched in person, now on TV and in a movie.

  10. mrgecko65 Says:

    Saw my buddy Jimmy Doom getting his ass kicked in 2 scenes.

  11. Jamescreaney Says:

    Go on the Irish

  12. Myodo21 Says:

    What’s the title of the track & what’s the artist?

  13. McAuley17 Says:

    anyone know what the song is?

  14. carsongalley Says:

    @qall84 thank you! i thought it was a great comic book movie. some very memrable parts

  15. AngryKid2008 Says:

    @blkaladdin I think that’s for the trailer, not the film.

  16. blkaladdin Says:

    Yeah I agree-what’s with the Beastie Boys music. It doesn’t belong in a 1970’s crime story

  17. irrationalgaz Says:

    This looks proper awesome a throwback to the days when movies had balls and the height of special effects tech’ was squibs and a ramp welded to the underside of a car.

  18. ncodyn Says:

    What the fuck is with the music?

  19. zimmcat Says:

    damn degos

  20. mcgurk1617 Says:

    that looks class ;]

  21. qall84 Says:

    @carsongalley War Zone was good fun. Few agree on that though…

  22. savagegalt Says:

    TONI HOWARD…You Sank Val Kilmer’s Career and Let Him Get Portly…wtf?


  23. carsongalley Says:

    ray stevenson was a sweet punisher

  24. Trelyonboy Says:

    Can’t wait to hear vinnie joneses American accent!

  25. LegendShark Says:

    Excuse me, what song is this?

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