Kelli Space Interview Part 1 – Peter Schiff Radio 11/30/10

Pin It Peter interviews Kelli Space, the 23-year old woman behind the blog, who will explain her attempt to escape $200000 in student-loan debt. http Ron Paul Video Playlist Rand Paul Video Playlist Peter Schiff Video Playlist Jesse Ventura Video Playlist Freedom Watch Video Playlist Gerald Celente Friends Max Keiser Friends Marc Faber Friends Alex Jones Friends Jason Bermas Friends FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 107 of the US Copyright Law. peter schiff radio,

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  1. ccmanhoff Says:

    Good luck with your studies, Wildbeast. If you are serious about reading up on economics, the very best book on the subject that I can recommend is “Basic Economics, 3rd Edition” by Thomas Sowell. You will not find a clearer, more intelligent writer than Sowell or someone who understands better the power of free markets to solve problems.

  2. wildbeasts1 Says:

    @ccmanhoff Point taken. I plan to read over the winter holiday. I’ll read about the economics, free market etc.
    I am thankful for my situation and feel bad for this girl. Yes this problem needs addressed, I just wish she at least limited herself to the 12k ( I think it was about this amt) she was qualified to receive directly from federal.

  3. ccmanhoff Says:

    As Schiff describes in the radio segment, if the government were out of the picture, colleges would be forced to price their services more in line with demand. As it is, with guaranteed funding, they are able to jack up tuition prices until students and parents have to take on obscene levels of debt to pay for it. From a purely economic POV, all but a few university degrees offer a very poor return on investment and are not worth the prices the colleges charge.

  4. ccmanhoff Says:

    Where should the money come from? Listen to the whole excerpt above for the answer or spend some of your Stafford money to take a basics economics course. The answer is that the money should come from an individual or institution that is willing to risk their own private capital on you rather than the government forcing me to make an involuntary loan to you. It’s called the free market.

    Anytime the government enters markets, they distort the outcome often to everyone’s detriment. (cont.)

  5. ccmanhoff Says:


    I deleted the comments, they weren’t censored by someone else…believe it or not, this was the more polite version of my initial response. Look, I think it is great that you are going to college to improve yourself but anytime someone starts to say they “deserve” Federal money (i.e., money that was taken from me), my hackles start to rise.

    You are probably a wonderful person but you do NOT deserve my money. As for where the money should come from, see my next post.

  6. kevinusma Says:

    Tuition is not 20K, but like 34K.

  7. wildbeasts1 Says:

    Rather than using unemployment, I chose to go back to school where I received a stipend. Unfortunately, the pay is very low so the Stafford loan allows me to complete my degree. I call this deserved. I am struggling with a good career in mind and I was assisted. I will also be an asset to the workforce and help with our growing infrastructure problems.

  8. wildbeasts1 Says:

    I am discussing the well-know subsidized vs. unsubsidized loans. Sorry if the term subsidy would have been more appropriate for such an intellectual forum. It appears your words were not appropriate though, as they were removed.

    You are right, I have not written much. I am an engineering student and honestly my curriculum has not prepared me as well in this area, but I hope to get better as I write my thesis.

    Where would this money come from?

  9. wildbeasts1 Says:

    I am able to live in a warm house and eat because of my Federal Stafford Loan. I use up the subsidized provided and when I need the unsubsidized I know I am tiptoeing into dangerous waters. Private loans I would only use if the payback is great and near. Thank you so much ‘government’ for your regulated Stafford package.

    I was laid off and now can complete my Masters Degree due to the deserved amount I received.

  10. lorenda54 Says:

    @MrIncomeProperty My initial thought was “how is studying in Ireland benefiting a social work degree?” These kids are led to believe..starting in high school, that if they don’t get a 4 yr degree and travel abroad, they will never work a day in their lives. We fight that mentality that our dd has been brainwashed to believe from high school councelors and the University that profits from such programs.

  11. lorenda54 Says:

    @lorenda54 The cost of private schools is so high, but depending on grades, MOST will offer scholarships. Unfortunately, competition is so high now that our daughter had a 3.69 GPA, 2160 on SAT Got lots of scholarship offers from great prvt schools, but didn’t get any $ from instate schools. Full tuition instate was still less than schools offering huge scholarships. BTW, we ONLY pay if she persues a marketable degree. Social work=community college and live at home.

  12. lorenda54 Says:

    I am trying to figure out why 1) there was no parental contribution or 2) if parents were unable to pay, why FAFSA didn’t approve any kind of fin aid. We just went through this with our daughter and she wasn’t able to take out more than $3000 per semester in ANY loans without cosigners and WE were expected to pay the diff. If WE couldn’t pay, she couldn’t go. It was all based on OUR income no matter what. Instate schools are still $15-20K/yr avg after tuition, books, r&b, etc.

  13. cuteycindyhoney Says:

    Absolute proof. Degree does not equal smart. What a dummy!

  14. MrIncomeProperty Says:

    yeah this includes room and board AND a 3 month trip to Ireland!!!! this is her fault and she needs to TAKE responsibility!!!!!!! Progressives are fucking stupid and should pay their own bills

  15. BurnOutXL Says:

    It’s funny that Master Pelosi went after the online education cos for selling $5000 online cosmetology degrees with no employment ops, but didn’t go after the Unis with $250K 4-year degrees that are TOTALLY useless.

  16. javajunkie517 Says:

    @55bw55 I was about to make a snide comment about how we just learned that the US bailed out many European banks with the so called stimulus, and what a mess Europe is financially…….. but then realizing this country is a ticking time bomb I decided not to call the kettle black……. We’ll be sharing a New World Order currency soon enough.

  17. javajunkie517 Says:

    My original $19,600 school loan cost me over $45k by the time I finally paid if off (9% interest for 15 years). I cant even imagine the burden of having $200k on my shoulders.
    If I could do it over, I wouldnt have gone to college…

  18. simontimon2 Says:

    I took a 15-week Mining Resource Industry Certificate that only costs 5000$. And now i’m working in a mine getting payed 100,000 per year. And i’m only 18 years old.
    The Mine paid everything in exchange to promise to work there for a year.

  19. Xenthoid Says:

    she should have went for grants instead of loans.. thats pretty much whats paying for me to go to college.. debt = zero

  20. Xenthoid Says:

    @trotnixonissick yeah i noticed that too..

  21. Xenthoid Says:

    those loans would have to be private loans…

  22. nuclide Says:

    @55bw55 nothing is for free. you’re parents and other people have paid for your college, just like you will pay for someone else’s college education no matter how dumb they are or how useless the degree is to the general society. Make sure you know that nothing is free!

  23. pgncam17 Says:

    you guys should come to canada for university. i know a guy who goes to my school and is originally from southern california. He pays double what canadian students do, but still only pays $9000/ year for tuition!

  24. ambientsummer Says:

    When I first started college I was a music maj. I stayed for a semester and moved home after realizing it was a waste of money. I went to a community college, and transferred to my instate university and am studying engineering (something that will give a decent return compared to music). I work and go to school part-time and pay cash for the 2-3 courses I take a semester. I learned from the get go–before I knew econ–what a scam college was. Unfortunately most young people don’t get it.

  25. ambientsummer Says:

    @55bw55 Yeah myhipsi is right! Last I checked, the student body was rioting over fee increases and spending cuts since that “free education” has contributed to Europe’s financial plight. Get over the naive presumption that just because you don’t personally pay the bill means it’s free.