Keiser Report: Monsanto and the Seeds of Evil (E109)

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This time, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, about the US State Department’s genetically modified retaliation against France, more missing billions in Afghanistan and shopping frenzies in Britain. In the second half of the show, Max talks to author and blogger, James Howard Kunstler, about shopping stampedes and revolutionary times. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:

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  1. mmike222 Says:

    no no, the only way to fuck monsanto, is in the hands of the people…until people start to think by themselfs…..

  2. MainOffenderKZ Says:

    I work for Bunge
    I hate Monsanto
    I hate Cargill
    and I hate Bunge

  3. senelee Says:

    Pop this in Youtube search it has English sub titles

    OGM Monsanto 2011 ( LE MONDE SELON MONSANTO PCB Agent Orange Toxic Milk pig

  4. euro944t Says:

    Damien ran MonoSatanO in OMEN III, genetic crops in Africa.

  5. euro944t Says:

    Interesting, Cheney phone CSPAN, ordered them to delete “Go F*#k youself Sen Lehey”

    Dick also phoned google earth ran by NSA-NASA, to erase his house………LoL

  6. movement26 Says:

    Did you know that Monsanto played a leading role in the development of the first atomic bomb………And in 2010 Monsanto was named by Forbes as…………..wait for it……… “The company of the year”………Unless we encourage our kids to turn off the X Box and the shitty television and to start learning about what is REALLY going on in this world…….We are fucked.

  7. toiwin Says:

    TERMINATOR seeds will spread to surrounding plants that can mean that plant life will die too, this is TERRIBLE. Monsanto is EVIL. Plus instead of a farmers saying to monsanto you owe us for your Genetically modified soya and corn changeing their crops when not asked for, Monsanto instead and the courts FINE the farmers for even having accidentally gotten their modified gene on their land. This is CORRUPT. Farmers should sue monsanto for this, instead of the other way round

  8. ed11561 Says:

    @euro944t George H.W. Bush to reporter Sarah McClendon, Dec. 1992
    I called up her archives office & asked if there was a copy of this interview & they couldn’t even find one.Rather strange that NO ONE can find this interview. If you can…hit me with it please. Thanks

  9. euro944t Says:

    Damon knows about secret societies and film synchronicity. Matt hunted down Geronimo, then later was in film in Yale phrat that (no coincidence) worships over Geronimo’s skull that Prescott Bush grave robbed in Lawton OK. UN poster girl and CFR shill Angie Jolie played his wife in Good Shepherd. Wasn’t she in tomb raider full of pyramids ?

    Who is guiding their careers ?
    Who cast these roles (Starwhackers Inc) ?

  10. euro944t Says:

    “In A Time Of Deceit, Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act.”

    – George Orwell; Pseudonym For Eric Arthur Blair, Author, ’1984′, ‘Animal Farm’

    “Sarah, if the American people knew the truth about what we Bushes have done to the nation, we would be chased down the street and lynched.”
    (George H.W. Bush to reporter Sarah McClendon, Dec. 1992)

  11. ed11561 Says:

    @euro944t I know he was Narrator for the documentary & i do believe he was listed as a producer-among others. Matt Damon is the best.
    I wanted to KILL after that movie. Take a sniper rifle to Goldman-Suks & start there. lol

  12. euro944t Says:

    Did Matt Damon produced INSIDE JOB ?

    It is a glaring and ugly truth that the ship of state has been hijacked by those who intend to loot it to its iron bones and then sink it at sea.


  13. hunt0707 Says:

    lol he loses it at 5:06 …..

  14. sweet6b9 Says:

    This is connected to the following Video “FOX News Whistle blowers. UNBELIEVABLE!!!” RT is right on target with this… Share this info…

  15. ed11561 Says:

    @ilovebobthecat Welcome to the land of REALITY. You want to puke? Watch INSIDE JOB. A documentary on the 2008 economic crash of the usa,and WHO made it happen. And what was done to them. Hint-some of them were given high government positions. I wanted TO KILL after i watched that film. It has nothing to do with 911. But it was definitely a Terrorist Plot by Goldman-Suks-Mortgage Brokers-Banks & the government.

  16. ed11561 Says:

    @mirabilo “I think Max and Stacey are in bed together.”
    Who the fuck cares WHAT u think. This isn’t a fucking soap opera genius.

  17. sbugiardo Says:

    Betch ya Monsanto bribed YouTube!

  18. vakmerohos Says:

    Hello ALL… look what I found: Amazing Discoveries: a-d3(dot)blogspot(dot)com … Enjoy 🙂

  19. MrDocce Says:

    @p4rt1 It exists in a Swedish version for those few who might be…

  20. TheCaptainSlappy Says:

    Come on, Mr. Keiser, your on a ROLL! HULK OUT! ARGHHHHH! KEISER SMASH MONSANTO PUNY SEED! Don’t tell these kids you can make meth out of Monsanto CORN…because they damned sure will, and smoke it. Jimmy DOES crack smoke the corn…but I don’t care. Don’t be a couch….cob? 500,000,000 Americans were never insured prior to now. MEOW!

  21. mirabilo Says:

    I think Max and Stacey are in bed together.

  22. 1GUNSQUIRREL Says:

    @p4rt1 check out the doc…king corn

  23. deadrepublicantv Says:

    28 Monsanto executives watched this video..

  24. ilovebobthecat Says:

    @omoiiki I was in a terrible funk for days after watching The Future of Food — couldn’t figure out why — than it dawned on me why I was so irritable and on edge and fairly nasty. It was the documentary. It was learning more about Monsanto, our government, horrid injustice and flagrant disregard for humans. ANd what are people paying attention to? Dancing with the Stars. I could puke.

  25. omoiiki Says:

    @ilovebobthecat yay : )
    Yeah, I want to find out more information about them, it’s crazy that hardly anyone knows about this stuff.

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