Keiser Report: Fed’s Reign of Terror (E123)

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This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, talk about the Fed’s reign of terror and an economist’s warning of revolution in America as Obama’s budget robs from the poor to give to the rich. In the second half of the show, Max talks to William D. Hartung, author of Prophets of War, about the cost of corporate welfare to the US military industrial complex and the role of this welfare in the current Middle East unrest.

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  1. un4given84 Says:


    he also believes in man-made global warming

    so much about that

  2. oldereb38 Says:

    How did the Fed obtain $8.4 trillion last year—OFF OF THE BOOKS–without Congress and the public being aware of it? Look for 3w scribd dot com message 48194264 RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE.

  3. oldereb38 Says:

    How did the Fed obtain $8.4 trillion last year—OFF OF THE BOOKS–without Congress and the public being aware of it? Look for 3w scribd dot com message 48194264 RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE.

  4. djdnauk1977 Says:

    @signboyy a far better analogy would be, government are the mafia henchmen… & the bankers/corporations are the casino owners & masterminds, without the henchmen the master minds have no power… also no government doesnt equate to mad max lol! most forward thinkers support voluntaryism & historically it has provided more liberty & prosperity than any government monopoly on violence has, the government produces the banks/corporations not vice versa

  5. abz998 Says:

    @horlacsd That could work… but most likely people will turn to the gold standard then…

  6. Wildrhody Says:

    Nationalize all U.S. banks, so they belong to WE the PEOPLE. WE then collect the interest on all loans that go into our govt money pool. This one thing alone would pull us out of debt within a few years. We hire credible people to run the individual tax-payer owned banks, with an oversight committee of a variety of educated people, maybe in accounting, economics, business, etc. chosen through a lottery system….NOT voted on. They could serve a two year term and be paid. My 2 cents:)

  7. Equity213 Says:

    9/11 was an inside job, global warming is bullshit. Cmon Max. You gunna be the last one to get these things?

  8. signboyy Says:

    government is just a gun, the corporations and banks are the mugger who holds the gun

    after getting mugged it is ridiculous to hate the gun rather than the mugger

    if you remove governments then you have mad max beyond thunderdome.

    keep the government and simply remove the corporations and banks from their control of government and restore that control to the people

  9. enticed2zeitgeist Says:

    @horlacsd Abolish Tender all together. Replace it with technological automation to produce abundance to drive the cost of relevant necessities so low they don’t even need a cost. No money = all money enabled corruption gone?

  10. horlacsd Says:

    ” still believe that any monetary system in general will breed corruption”
    Abolish legal tender laws.


    @johnnycaboosehead – thats how he gets on mainstream – 9 11 and man made global warming – tow the masters line max, slave driving muyherfuckr


    who pays Bwn Bernanke – Rothchilds?

  13. helltrackrider Says:

    Buy Silver!!!

  14. johnnycaboosehead Says:

    @seemoretube … ???

    What’s your point ?
    I have several hobbies.
    You’re either a hopeless fool, or a planted shill !

  15. fuckutube74 Says:

    Max i worry whose side you are on when you say that 9/11 was retribution.
    Why would you make such an insane comment?

    Tracy must be a psychic, she tells us that the Egyptian revolution was in vain because another dictator will replace the old one. How do you know this?

  16. kiKSeRb Says:

    OH YES!! Once again Stacy nails it with the analysis of the Egypt revolution.

  17. mikailmari Says:

    gerald celente cold fusion : you tube

  18. abz998 Says:

    @horlacsd I am a big promoter of the Austrian school and believe it would be fit enough to act as a transitional economic system after the upcoming crash and until we figure out something better. However I still believe that any monetary system in general will breed corruption regardless of how efficient it seems. Money really is the cause of the crimes and the poverty we see today.

  19. Fallows1985 Says:

    Understand, if Max outed his true position on 9/11 and what not people would use that to completely destroy his reputation as an ECONOMIC forcaster.

  20. isostasypgr Says:

    Keiser should check his facts 1st–food supply is a problem. Syria’s production way down from what gov’t expected. Australia, that place is toast whacked right and left & then here come the locusts. India’s growing provinces drought. China’s growing provinces in north & central, big failure. What the grasshoppers going to eat in Mexico seeing most everything wiped out by freezing? The grasshopper, locusts by then, will come right on up into US. The good news abounds, joy to the world.

  21. isostasypgr Says:

    Stacy has it right, America is ruled by big oil & private banking system controlling the nation’s credit. Not even a credit system, it’s an unsustainable debt system. Banks create no money, only debt money. All $’s Bernanke printing is debt money–most going to private banks at 0% loaned to US gov’t at ? whatever interest rate is now. It’s a fucking joke with a small few riding on the backs of the many & crushing them. Free for all because big money knows planet is screwed, i.e., isostasy.

  22. seemoretube Says:

    @johnnycaboosehead get a hobby

  23. horlacsd Says:

    The main thing i took away from the film is that the venus project is intellectually bankrupt. You can’t lump in Keynsian together with Austrianism and call it all “market economics” . The problem is in FIAT monetary systems and Austrian analysis differs largely from Keynsian in that regards.

    Get rid of FIAT, you get rid of
    a)infinite growth paradigm

    A gold/silver backed currency will suffice. The price discovery mechanism is fine.

  24. FucknuckIes Says:

    @LordDyhalto Yeah different strains of opposition, all opposition is neccesary welcome against the untouchables ivory tower financier clerics fortified in their system to control the lifeblood of the world. United we will make change because obama had no substance …all show and no go

  25. FucknuckIes Says:

    @CRYPTORK Think global act local, form activist groups and network to others spread the msg coordinate efforts and build a movement even if it is just for fun, who knows we may make a difference to make the world a better place!!

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