Keiser Report: Bank of America Sucks & Blows (E107)

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This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss whether or BrianMoynihanBlows.Com as Bank of America breaks into womans home and steals her dead husbands ashes. In the second half of the show, Max talks to journalist and author, Afshin Rattansi about a Brave New World in which airports fail to cope with an inch of snow and cabinet ministers dance like C-list celebrities on popular television shows. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:

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  1. 331446757 Says:

    @boumar19721972 thanks, i’ll see it on a weekend or so

  2. boumar19721972 Says:

    @331446757 Yes. Because banks are all connected throughout the world. We could live without money. Youtube for “zeitgeist moving forward”. It’s more than 2 hours long but it’s got a good case.

  3. travelecomomy Says:


  4. mammal360 Says:

    They’ll come up with an Atomic Tax and tax you for ever atom in your body. Your electron bill will be ridiculous.

  5. versanil Says:

    It doesn’t look like the same company to me. Obviously when I saw your post it piqued my interest because I had just bought from Goldline UK. I think the UK operation is a different company (actually called Baird and Co.) and is safe to deal with, I did my research before buying and Baird were great to deal with.
    The main point when buying silver for this campaign is to require physical delivery, otherwise it is pointless. What is your experience? Did you buy any?

  6. chaseef Says:

    are the operating honestly in the UK? If so that is great, but I have heard countless horror storys of ignorant people being talked into buying numismatics from them and paying absurd markups, like 75% ish.

  7. versanil Says:

    I bought a silver bar from goldline and everything is OK, but I suspect you mean the com domain and not the UK vendor….

  8. Dread556 Says:

    @sftony123 and why do you feel it necessary to even say that?

    you dont know me, or if im really a “stupid fuck”, you werent even in the argument.

    he said to stop paying taxes (ALL taxes), i said thats foolish, and then he goes on to insult me.

    i think its foolish because its taxes that pay for things that the government actually does right, fulfilling its obligation to the people of the states in the form of grants, which pays for state projects.

    now why dont you tell me why im so stupid?

  9. sftony123 Says:

    @Dread556 I’m not going to banter back and forth with you. I’m just going to say this, you truly are some brainwashed FN sheep. As NewYorkOlympians stated, you and stupid fucks like you, are why the majority of humans on this earth have become a puppets. You idiots make me want to puke. ” less

  10. 331446757 Says:

    I am in Canada should i be concerned

  11. edwardwills Says:

    Today, I got some Swiss Francs, that is my big FU to the USA government. Do your part to end the war in Iraq and Afghistan dump the dollar, end the terror

  12. Dread556 Says:

    @NewYorkOlympians then i guess you wont be needing those roads now hm? i guess when your house is on fire, or your having a cardiac arrest, or you’ve got some nut job harassing you with a weapon, youll just take care of all that yourself now wont you?

    and yes, our forefathers used a taxation system, for it was NECESSARY, where the hell have you been?

    its one thing to complain about government funded programs (IE. welfare), but taxes all together? your just another idiot.

  13. NewYorkOlympians Says:

    @Dread556 that is what you are, like i said if you think our founding fathers are pro tax then your one stupid is good? dude do you know where our money comes from? we have a massive spending deficit in the usa and the taxes arent doing shit but taking hard money out of my pocket to pay for some lazy bums way! even in nyc, if i call the fire or ems, soon the will bill you $600.00! what about the tax i pay? see how stupid you are, and you went to college, still paying that off? lol

  14. Dread556 Says:

    @NewYorkOlympians sure, keep useing the word “sheep”, you brainwashed zombie, its the only thing you people can say to back up anything you claim.

    why dont you tell me where you pulled this 80% bullshit from? oh i know where, right from your ass.

    and aside from the grade A education i got from my private highschool and college, i do plenty of my own research using this ultimate reservoir of information we call the internet.

  15. NewYorkOlympians Says:

    @Dread556 yea the same thing with me..the ones i know are ”GOODIE GOOODIE” but that is not the case with 80% of what is out and serve? yea ookkk..yes it is against..why dont you open up a book or actually read about what i am talking about, then some bullshit brain wash you learned from you school history books made after 1920, lol..sheep

  16. Dread556 Says:

    @NewYorkOlympians and you are what they call a selfish individual who wants nothing more than to find a reason to rebel.

    of course your going to think all police are nothing but “pigs”, i can already see your radical mentality. nearly every officer i have met has acted like nothing less than an outstanding human being, who puts their lives on the line so that we can sleep safe at night.

    tax is NOT against the constitution, its so that the government can do its job and run a country.

  17. NewYorkOlympians Says:

    @Dread556 the police? really these pigs could care less for us..the police are for the people! and act like it they do not!..schools? have you seen the shit coming out of school the past 10 years? tax is against the constitution, religion(if you believe that bullshit) you are what they call a sheep, your the reason the world has become this puppet fest.

  18. Dread556 Says:

    @NewYorkOlympians i can understand fighting against some of these banks and such….but stop paying taxes? thats just fucking stupid.

    taxes are what pays for the fire department, police, schooling, building roads, maintaining cities, everything that is needed for a country to grow.

  19. SamDeRe81 Says:

    @gems4200 I paid off a 1200 dollar credit card because I raelized thsoe fuckers were gouging me 30 dollars a month I was like fuck that and them, never again!

  20. merrieminchewchd Says:

    Meet a Russian bride

  21. NewYorkOlympians Says:

    @gems4200 why not stop there, we all need to stop paying TAXES aswell! is a slavery upon us!

  22. amcanmike Says:

    @birdog45 i will never trust the goverment they are evil but i also know they will do what it takes to prop up the economy i am prepared

  23. birdog45 Says:

    @amcanmike Riiiight. Good luck with that. And the gov cares about your well being and our countries leadership is ran by competent, intelligent people who never lie or manipulate the stats.

    If you’re not planning for the best preparing for the worst don’t come begging on my doorstep. You’ll be met with a .12 guage.

  24. amcanmike Says:

    @birdog45 well there is a big difference here america will never have hyperinflation it will not happen ever.

  25. birdog45 Says:

    @amcanmike No thanks. i have plenty of toilet paper already. No need for their currency. I collect actual money.

    If you like lots of “money” then visit Zimbabwae. They have so much “money” it’s everywhere. I think a cup of coffee costs about 1 trillion Zim dollars.

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