Katherine Heigl interview for The Ugly Truth in 1080 HD

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Chuck the Movieguy interviews Katherine Heigl for the movie The Ugly Truth. Presented in 1080 HD. Closed captioned for the hearing impaired and translated into all languages.

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  1. AntoniaSalinasable Says:

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  2. muggysynergisticb Says:

    Heigl starred as Romy in the 2005 television movie Romy and Michele: In the Beginning, a prequel to the 1997 film Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.

  3. haveumetmark Says:

    ahhhhhh katherine =] <3

  4. dulcielehnert17 Says:

    fantatic!! The reason why people gave it bad reviews is because the movie focused too much on the visual effects, while neglecting the story and the acting. Anyways, if u wanna judge it go to movieprincess.coV (replace V by m) .

  5. flyDC26 Says:

    you think she might be into black men

  6. MegaHastle Says:

    @mgallegos55 She’s like the white version of Gabrielle Union to me in a funny way! lmao!!!

  7. 18elana Says:

    this is as dark as her hair should get, she looks so much older and unattractive with that dark brown hair she has now 😛

  8. 1892abercrombielvr Says:

    i saw this movie yesterday and i love it

  9. mgallegos55 Says:

    She seems stuck up

  10. italygirls2268 Says:

    wtf wow this movie was sooo awesome

  11. Anicarama Says:

    I’m not even a native speaker of the english language, but i noticed right away that you messed up some of the subtitles.

  12. ecctopcd Says:

    People have told me that they heard she was really bitchy, but she seems really nice and down-to-earth! And she was HILARIOUS in that movie! 🙂

  13. Nauss18 Says:

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  14. juliakillander Says:

    0:38 – 0:45 lol … wtf is wrong with him? and her laugh is so funny haha

  15. EdricChavez Says:

    yup great move .. its on : Free Movie Chest . com

  16. twinkiegrl95 Says:

    i have got to say. this movie is AMAZING.
    just bought it on itunes.

    this is probably my new favorite moviee.

  17. MurrayClarence Says:

    Watched this at least 5 times already! lol … The site i found it on is my movie kiosk . com

  18. TheAlmo87 Says:

    He is such an asshole, probably the worst interviewer i’ve seen,..

  19. Juleeeef Says:

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  20. Juleeeef Says:

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  21. Narcisapns Says:

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  22. Sallyjoveli Says:

    Awesome movie… loved every minute. I saw it on Big Movie Share . com … yeah!!

  23. helloimcalledbob Says:

    God people are soo bitchy about her (dude underneath) wtf for? Like you know anything about her!

  24. FlightSimTutorials Says:

    This bitch needs to remember where she came from and needs to learn her place and to stop acting like a stuck up cunt. She plays so much drama in the spotlight and demands things when she only stars in piece of shit movies…..Besides Grey’s Anatomy’s success everything else she does is pure junk!

  25. BrytniMarie Says:

    37 times? wow! i didn’t know that. thats crazy! but i love her!! she is so sweet and down to earth!!! she’s amazing!

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