Jumpstart Your Retirement Benefits Application

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Many countries offer state-sponsored retirement benefits, besides those provided by the employers, which are funded by payroll or taxes. In the United States, this is one role of the Social Security Administration or SSA.

One of the most important retirement decisions facing Americans is, “When should I get my Social Security retirement benefits?”

There will come a time for us when we will be looking forward to relax while still enjoying financial security. All workers have to prepare for this period of their lives.

As people age, they will have to consider their options and plan for their future. We all need assurance that when we get old and reached a time when we no longer want to work, or no longer capable of performing our jobs, we can still support ourselves financially.

What offer us financial security at such time are our retirement benefits. We get retirement benefits from our retirement plans. A retirement plan is an arrangement or a formal contract which provides people with an income, possibly a pension, during retirement, when we are no longer earning a steady income from employment.

Retirement benefits are authorized under Title II of the Social Security Act. There are certain requirements needed in order for a worker to be considered eligible to these benefits. A person attains fully insured status when he or she has paid sufficient payroll taxes to Social Security and has worked long enough in a job covered by Social Security system.

An application must be filed with the Social security Administration before an employee may collect his/her retirement benefits. There are several options in applying for these benefits:

• Applying at the local Social Security office

• Applying through phone

• Applying via mail

• Applying online

The amount of retirement benefit payments are based upon several aspects:

• Social Security taxes paid into the Social Security trust fund

• The age of the claimant

• The current earned income of an individual

Benefit payments vary based on when, a person shall claim his or her retirement benefits. Usually, a person may start receiving his or her benefits as soon as he/she is 62, but the full-retirement age comes a few years later than that.

Eligible individuals have their choice whether to have a delayed or early retirement. However, there are consequences in claiming the benefits earlier or later than the full-retirement age. Here are the rules as follows:

• If you decide to retire in your full retirement age, you will collect your full retirement benefits

• If you retire prior to reaching full retirement age, you will receive benefits less than that of what you will have received if you retire later

• If you work past your full retirement age, you will acquire your full retirement benefits regardless of how much you earn

• If you carry on working and decide not to collect your retirement benefits until you become 70, you will get more benefits when you retire

• If you opt not to collect your retirement benefits before reaching full retirement age, you should be sure to file for Medicare as soon as you turn 65.

So in deciding when to collect ones’ retirement benefits, we must consider what option will be more beneficial to us. It is never too early or too late in commencing preparations for our retirement so it is better to jumpstart now.

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