Jonas Brothers Jonas Home Not Alone Pt1

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Jonas Brothers Jonas Home Not Alone Pt1

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  1. MegaJoeJonasGirl Says:

    Joe:Yea Kevin Nick’s in charge
    Nick:Joe get your feet off the table
    Joe:I take that back Kevin’s in charge
    Kev:Joe get your feet off the table
    Joe:You two are tearin this family apart

  2. witchheros Says:

    is so funny

  3. witchheros Says:


  4. ladyfarmU2 Says:

    Really, You seen all of it the whole show from begining to the end.. So you don’t find Kevin funny at any of the episodes at all.

  5. kriselle34 Says:

    is this the second season?

  6. TheMickswagga Says:

    Everyone who likes club bangas should check out Jimi productionz and his song called New Banga. Its a Scott Storch type beat its FIRE!

  7. LostMyBreath Says:

    @NIJEJO ahh thx alot 🙂

  8. Miss10190 Says:

    2:46 soo funny and i love the part when Nick says ‘ye’ at the begining of the song

  9. NIJEJO Says:

    lolz he wants his smoothie with extra whip cream and joes like woah lets not get crazy lol

  10. LostMyBreath Says:

    what does nick say at 6.55-6.57??
    i didn’t get it :S

  11. nicoleslips Says:

    Thank you so much for posting


  12. Nickjlover4lyfe Says:

    i love the jonas brothers but they weren’t really good actors in CamP Rock. I mean be honest you can still be a big fan and say something that wasn’t to good it’s not like your disrespecting them.

  13. fenixxfunky Says:

    i have seen all and not good at all.

  14. nickangelgirl2009 Says:

    i love you joe jonas

  15. ladyfarmU2 Says:

    Kevin likes I’m in charge and I’m enforcing the rules.

    Nick- Thats weird?
    Kevin- Whats’ weird?
    Nick-Sounds like sombody says Kevin in charge.
    Kevin- I am in charge.
    Nick-There’s it is “Again.
    Kevin-Well” the olders and the tallest and have the longest side burns.
    Its so funny.

  16. ladyfarmU2 Says:



    Have you guys see the look on Kevin and Nick face, when they stared at Joe running back forward in the room.

    Nick and Kevin crack me up.

  17. ladyfarmU2 Says:

    So you don’t think Kevin is funny at all. Have you watch all their episodes.

    And what do you mean they not good actors have you seen Camp Rock.

  18. jonasbrosuck12 Says:


  19. ticklemepinkdots25 Says:

    hahahhahahahah joeeee x)

  20. fenixxfunky Says:

    i dont like jonas show that much..not so fun or hilarious,its boring seriously.but i love the jonas brothers.its just they not good at acting.they good at singing.

  21. Maiqu20 Says:

    aww Joe he’s hilarious!!

  22. michelleannemendoza Says:

    6:26 what is he touching just kidding:P

  23. celinejonas12 Says:

    Please put part 2 and 3 up !

  24. notcon4md Says:

    funniest one yet!!!

  25. nickjonasismybaby1 Says:

    joe is like lets run with scissors funnay

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