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Bank-owned, larger (3921sf), newer one-story houses on big lots in gated communities are hard to find – get a load of this one listed at $164/sf in San Marcos.

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  1. happymike44 Says:

    Wow it made my eyes hurt

  2. penniesfromheavon Says:

    i just love jimtv……but im with motonegros…i want to see your house!!

  3. EmbryonicCrush Says:

    Porn director’s house?

  4. bardobound Says:

    wouldn’t want to walk thru that house with a hangover…

  5. u238willy Says:

    Hey Jim… love the videos… My guess is that’s not a ‘long jump pit’ but a place to play horseshoes. The line/block was the ‘toeline’ for where you could stand to throw the shoes.

  6. largo2001 Says:

    I second that request…

    Jim’s house tour pretty please!

  7. brn141 Says:

    You’re a hero.

  8. williamprucknic Says:

    this is a great deal compared to some of the other ones!

  9. largo2001 Says:

    Looks like a theme park to me…

  10. sumopub Says:

    I love that house!

  11. ApathylovesPS Says:

    Jim, the stools in the pool are for the drunk parents to watch their kids in the kiddie pool.

    Another great video, keep ’em coming.

  12. IKilled007 Says:

    I was thinking “gaudy” and “obnoxious” when you opened the door and just let the camera take it all in for a few seconds. First thing that popped in my mind was Scarface right as you said it.

  13. USMCJew Says:

    It’s the slide’s juxtaposition to the plank that intrigues me. Long jump pit? – I am sold. Art for art’s sake.

  14. juancho420 Says:

    That house screams class. Wow, what a joke.

  15. tyronebiggums3 Says:

    Scarface Statue. LOL LOL LOL

  16. maniacalmike Says:

    Can’t imagine anyone living with some of those design and color choices. Must be different strokes for different folks. Some folks are REALLY different.

  17. dko02 Says:

    For the lot size and square footage, this is a good price. Too bad there is the high contrast black/white color scheme and other odd choices.

  18. motonegros Says:

    I’m looking forward to the walk through your house Jim, show us d’ goods!

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