Jim Rogers on Goldseek Radio 09 March 2011

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  1. Ranger4564 Says:

    @WSCybertraders and the price of everything else will go up because of that. stocks in those items will then either move down because people will refuse to buy or will increase because the product is necessary. I personally refuse to invest in food or oil due to the direct harm it does to a lot of people. Personally, I would love not to participate in capitalism at all because of the direct harm it does to people.


    jim rogers ROCKS!!!! He speaks TRUTH

  3. endornify Says:

    @llamas1234 Jim does interviews because it’s free advertisement for him.

  4. AgdrAgon999 Says:

    @survivalfringe – Seriously! Physical is the way to go!

  5. WSCybertraders Says:

    people of the world who wish to double their money in less than 6 months,.. BUY OIL >>>>OIL<<<<< $250 per barrel soon

  6. antitheistpansy Says:

    How many limbs have you got Jim?

  7. DirkWind Says:

    Jim usually rides his stationary bike during radio interviews to make good use of his time. He’s not so much irritated as he is a bit short of breath. Listen again.

  8. DuvallSilver Says:

    i wish Jim was my uncle, lol…

  9. TheBullionBoy Says:


  10. peilthetraveler Says:

    Rogers starts at 0:42

  11. kelvinhan3088 Says:

    Jim Rogers is one of the very few people who can see the market differently and profit hell alot from it. Look at his interview he made in the Market Wizards Book 1. He called for the SELL in the NIKKEI then and it was right at the top and he was so confident on it. Amazing insights.

  12. DParmy08 Says:

    WTF cant hear sh*$!

  13. tanzanianbrotha Says:

    Rogers almost always sounds slightly irritated in interviews. He sounded more so here, which is annoying for the interviewer he’s doing a pretty darn professional job, and not asking Jim the sometimes-dumbas* sounding questions he gets.

  14. jsmythib Says:

    hmm something real- or trying to hold and enchantment…hmmm 🙂

  15. van1976 Says:

    What good news? @6:05 Middle east?

  16. survivalfringe Says:

    Love it ! Commodities are a win-win .. Own physical!!

  17. alphaknave Says:

    sounds like he was in the middle of having dinner lol

  18. HumanAccount Says:

    eddie vedder intro for jim rogers…love that shit

  19. JojozDad209 Says:

    Yeah Jim probably feels like he’s a broken record… a scratched CD for the younger one’s. Hehe


  20. daviddalbylive Says:

    Look the banksters where buying up commodities in 2006 to 2008 they just kept it secret. There is a sucker born every minute and Jim Rogers aint one of them.

  21. blackswanflea Says:

    Thank you for posting.

  22. pdxeddie1111 Says:

    commodities are just insurance of financial upheaval and all these big boys are market manipulators including Jim, so if you got your position rest assured but dont go overboard or ya may be swimming with the sharks.

  23. llamas1234 Says:

    I think Jim is getting bored anwering the same dumb ass questions from interviewers…

  24. cpswyl2 Says:

    ETN’s are not quite commodities, are they? Just an investment in a financial intermediary’s ability to honour a contract ie, derivative

  25. billyguns2 Says:

    @sabrinacle I own GCC and it is like the tortoise and the hare; my chart shows a gradual but steady increase. ? Rogers RJA is even better, but USCI is the best of all for an ETF.

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