Jim Rogers investor Not Only Slam The Fed calls Abolish It

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Had to get this out as fast as possible Somebody at CNBC, billed as “America’s business channel,” made a mistake. They allowed Jim Rogers, investor and buddy to George Soros, to get on and slam the Federal Reserve. Not only slam the Fed, but call for it to be abolished. This is a futher report from yesterday report on Bloomberg’s Asian Finance on Final Word. Link Below is of this video your watching: www.infowars.com Fed Affords Dollar Brief Respite With Lower Rate Cut Market had priced in full one percent cut Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet Tuesday, March 18, 2008 The dollar enjoyed its biggest gains against the Yen in nine years and pared losses against the Euro after the Federal Reserve delivered a lower than expected 75 basis points interest rate cut after traders had priced in a full 100 points cut. Earlier today, we asked whether the Fed would act to shore up the dollar in the face of a growing outcry and talk of intervention by offering only a 50 basis points cut. Before the decision, a growing number of traders were leaning towards a whopping 1.25 percent cut but the lower than expected move gave the dollar some brief respite. Gold futures fell sharply below $1000 an ounce but crude oil spiked following the announcement. “The dollar didn’t get crushed here,” said Frank Lesh, a trader at FuturePath Trading LLC in Chicago. “People were short dollars and long gold heading into this meeting. It looks like investors are taking some money out after this great rally

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  1. justgetsome Says:

    Bernake is a mad man, we are all doomed.

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  4. ftnb64 Says:

    who is this maria bitch, she needs to die

  5. rangeyer Says:

    Maria really looks like a stupid fuck now…

  6. truthsabre7 Says:

    …the latest Barron’s Roundtable, and the numbers are irrefutable. London-based World Gold Council said investment demand for gold, mainly bars and coins, surged 121% in the third quarter as investors rushed to safety.
    MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 2009

  7. oudmontage Says:

    impressive words of wisdom by Jim Rogers!

  8. KhmerD0g Says:

    he lives in singapore. he is a legend. i like him. he is smart.

  9. harrybinladen Says:

    well that was extremely precient

  10. im2fast2catch Says:

    15th April 2008 – Outside of the White House. Abolish the FED. One of the largest protests in US History. Be part of the difference, make sure you go to Washington and take everyone you can with you. Be part of the Revolution!!

  11. wdlief124 Says:

    Make that hopelessly. Please learn your history people. The Fed is not Federal and is destroying our country to line elite pockets and consolidate power. We were warned about private central banks and now we’re screwed. Also CNBC is a travesty beyond words.

  12. wdlief124 Says:

    “if Fed doesn’t print money how would you get your wages?” LMAO!! Oh man, that’s funny shit. This country is hopelessy oblivious.

  13. zuben21 Says:

    When we earn more we pay more – we end up helping people who have less money.

  14. tillo2008 Says:

    wow, zuben21, you honestly don’t understand anything about economics. Stop moaning? Remind me to mail you a get-well-soon card when you’re paying 10/gallon and 5-6 per loaf of bread.

  15. joshrain1 Says:

    let the US government print it backing it by gold. thats what happened was andrew jackson was there and what jfk wanted, read his executive order

  16. benjleeru Says:

    how about with the money that’s already in circulation? We don’t need any more.

  17. davincij15 Says:

    Keep your dollars or bonds see what happens.

  18. PeterIrish Says:

    what a fish

  19. zuben21 Says:

    Stop moaning morons if Fed doesnt print money how would you get your wages ?

  20. spellbinder00 Says:

    the conversion solfware demaned it till I buy it.,..sorry I was in a hurry to post this. Breaking News you know…it converts video to AVI so I can post it on YouTube.

  21. 1337cshacker Says:

    Sir are you blind and def? The central banks have always used fractional lending! Thats printing more than 1 note per gold in the valt. Print two for one, and you have devalued 50%. No inflation? You are a yuppie. Its ok, the government loves you, just keep drinking your fluoride water and have your IQ lower. You’ll be in a fema camp in no time if we don’t stop this. Good boy.

  22. quinton01 Says:

    Wow, its going to be absolutely wild on the streets when the people find that their money can no longer be traded for the basic necessities.

    Economic Collapse=Valueless Currency=Riots=PDD 51

  23. Zhuangyao Says:

    there is no inflation.

    CPI is 0%.

  24. prince2wu Says:

    yeah, very annoying…what is happening here!

  25. falkie2007 Says:

    please only put the video ad on once…it’s really annoying…

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