Jackson Browne sings at Occupy Wall Street.

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By Dantanner

Singer Jackson Browne has a new song devoted to Occupy Wall street, “ Which side are you on..” an old civil rights theme song. He performed December 1 at Zuccotti Park backed by Dawes and few other friends.

The impromptu concert without amplifiers was an open air acoustic event surrounded by admirers and fans alike. Jackson Browne said “Somebody asked me the name of that song, and I thought, well, I’m actually not sure what the title is. Maybe ‘Which Side Are You On?’ That’s, of course, the title of an old Civil Rights marching song that I grew up singing when I was 16, 17 years old.” He added “ It’s really hard to write a song about issues.”

Jackson Browne has long inspired and supported political causes, and has many songs devoted to them. He is a well known performing artist championing causes for the people and society. His lyrics tell stories about struggles of life, carry messages and champions the causes.

Its not surprising for Jackson Browne to come forward and support Occupy Wall Street with an appropriate theme song that may rock the nation for many years. When asked he further added “I used to see France get shutdown by unions and students who would bring the country to a halt just to address their concerns and I would wonder what it was going to take to bring that kind of pressure to bear in the United States – and I think what we’re seeing is just the beginning of that.”

Here is the video, please watch :

Video courtesy Rollingstone Magazine

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