Jackson Browne & David Lindley – Your Bright Baby Blues

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Live & acoustic 2006 show…. enjoy it!!! YOUR BRIGHT BABY BLUES I’m sitting down by the highway Down by that highway side Everybody’s going somewhere Riding just as fast as they can ride I guess they’ve got a lot to do Before they can rest assured Their lives are justified Pray to God for me baby He can let me slide ‘Cause I’ve been up and down this highway Far as my eyes can see No matter how fast I run I can never seem to get away from me No matter where I am I can’t help feeling I’m just a day away From where I want to be Now I’m running home baby Like a river to the sea Baby if you can see me Out across this wilderness There’s just one thing I was hoping you might guess Baby you can free me All in the power of your sweet tenderness I can see it in your eyes You’ve got those bright baby blues You don’t see what you’ve got to gain But you don’t like to lose You watch yourself from the sidelines Like your life is a game you don’t mind playing To keep yourself amused I don’t mean to be cruel baby But you’re looking confused Baby if you can hear me Turn down your radio There’s just one thing I want you to know When you’ve been near me I’ve felt the love stirring in my soul It’s so hard to come by That feeling of peace This friend of mine said “Close your eyes, and try a few of these” I thought I flying like a bird So far above my sorrow But when I looked down I was standing on my knees Now I need someone to help me Someone to help me please Baby if you need me Like I know

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  1. Thorair Says:

    ya-me too thats french right?

  2. Thorair Says:

    @floflo34600 ya-me too thats french right?

  3. Thorair Says:

    ya-me too thats french right?

  4. cgmcgarty Says:

    Music is an art form, and this is a paragon of it’s genre !!

  5. GRobb62 Says:

    I Love this song, I just wish Lowell George way able to play slide like on The Pretender. I know Jackson Browne misses him more than anyone. I loved the fact Jackson thanked Lowell George & Littlte Feat when he was inducted into The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

  6. kozzi27 Says:

    david lindley is amazing. check out his slide playing on terry reids river album. if you havent bought or heard that album its a masterpiece.

  7. petewill63 Says:

    “I’m running home baby like the river to the sea” if you you this line on your sweet heart they will never forget it.. trust me!
    Lovely oh so lovely Kudos to you both for your exquisite music.

  8. totovillefranche Says:

    @floflo34600 alors vous avez été en Espagne, pour ces concerts ? Merveilleux, apparemment; le disque sort bientôt, et j’irai l’écouter sur les plages de Villefranche/Mer, en face de la Villa Nellcôte; il y a ici toujours des sons des cordes qui rappellent les Cailloux du temps de Gram Parsons

  9. inatizzy2 Says:

    Lead me to your hole in the garden wall, and pull me though! How much better than this could it be!

  10. hipsterpop Says:

    @floflo34600  I’m sorry. It commented in Japanese.
    It is a meaning that he is the greatest singer.

  11. floflo34600 Says:

    I don’t understood what you mean…. lol !!!

  12. hipsterpop Says:


  13. hipsterpop Says:


  14. elijlyn Says:

    Beautiful, simply beautiful..thankyou

  15. sukpendaliday Says:

    can’t seem to get enough of his songs. once you start listening, you’re hooked. live on brother. sing more songs….

  16. FOAMER103061 Says:

    no matter how fast i run i cant seem to get away from me

  17. sweetshell8 Says:

    ive seen him more then any one elsei love him

  18. bluedag1 Says:

    I could listen to JB’s music all day, so soothing and his lyrics always touch home. And David is just so talented, they compliment each other beautifully!

  19. Deneised Says:

    I love him still for over 38 years – he does look good hun – always did – Bruce does not look bad for 60 but never look at him that way

  20. votoi1 Says:

    Have you ever seen a man in his 60’s look as good as Browne? He has very good genes… and he’s a great talent.


    Great song…

    this is my fav. stuff so TNX MAN

  22. MrRangerfan66 Says:

    most of all is that my son appreciates your music as much as I do…. These days is his favorite song……..your words carry on Jackson…and your sons name lives through my son

  23. MrRangerfan66 Says:

    jackson browne is the most inspirational singer ever….i named my son after his son….cant get enough Jackson

  24. juliekstroup Says:

    Mr. Browne’s voice is as strong and pure as it was on his first album, Saturate Before Using, decades ago. Congrats to him!

  25. MrRangerfan66 Says:

    i love jackson

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