Jackie Evancho Sings “Pie Jesus” On America’s Got Talent Top 10 Show |September 7th

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www.realestateradiousa.com | She has the voice of an opera diva in the persona of a little 10 year old girl. Of course I can only be talking about young Jackie Evancho who has blossomed into a star right before our very eyes on America’s Got Talent. Last Night the young soprano beautifully sang “Pie Jesus”. by Gabriel Faure. I’m not sure she can beat the fabulous Prince PoppyCock in this year’s America’s Got Talent competition. But there’s absolutely no denying that Jackie Evancho is a rising star and will undoubtedly have a great career ahead of her. Take a listen for yourself!

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  1. MrMikebike13 Says:

    hey guess what i have 700000 channel views and i dont even have 1 video

  2. STOMPN6 Says:

    Jackie Evancho will always be the true winner of AGT 2010 in my humble opinion.

    The show is supposed to be about discovering the best new talent NOT about who has the best sob story to tell in order for them to get votes from those who feel sorry for them such as in the case of michael grimm.

  3. broadwaybella19 Says:

    What a talent that so many would die to have…

  4. violetangel3x3 Says:

    @dragonbone5000 I think you’re projecting something from your own mind onto this situation. That’s not what I observe of the family at all.

  5. MargueriteY2k Says:

    I can’t belive it…

  6. dragonbone5000 Says:

    P.S. When I look at this child, I can’t help but CLEARLY imagine the greedy caregivers pushing her day in and day out and just GASPING to make their ‘millions’ off their little protégé. Nothing innocent going on here….

  7. dragonbone5000 Says:

    @mannyortiz36 What is a ‘limey stations’? Sorry I don’t follow you. Anyway, I’m all for Prince Poppycock winning this year. No one deserves it more IMO.
    P.S. Look up Andrew Johnston (here on YouTube) singing Pie Jesus! He made me bawl my eyes out every time I watched the videos. This little girl although undoubtedly talented, just doesn’t reach me. Too made-up, to primped and too grown up before her time. IMHO, I think that her caregivers pushed her out too soon. Sorry just my opinion.

  8. mannyortiz36 Says:

    @dragonbone5000 i dont get limey stations, so no

  9. TxTechRox123 Says:

    @musicnaturelover1 except that IT IS AN ANGEL in heaven…….she’s magnifique.

  10. StupidJealousPeople Says:

    Be careful there’s evedropping on the video at 1:58 on Americantalent video. Check it out….

  11. musicnaturelover1 Says:

    Yeah, but this sounds like an angel singing in heaven.

  12. dragonbone5000 Says:

    Haven’t we heard this before many times in Britain’s Got Talent?

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