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It was my birthday the 25th of June. I had an awesome time. This is the video that popped into my head. If you like how this characters interact with each other make sure you tell me, so that I do more videos with them. 18 year old Joe is ready to have his first alcoholic beverage, or is he? Will he fall into peer pressure? Well there is a gansta (Wazabi) motivating him, a worried geek (Awkie), and an indifferent new comer (Hector). Will Joe finally drink and perhaps get drunk? My personal yet weird, and random channel: Every step, is a status update. Not really, but to some degree, yes: For wise stuff, weird stuff, funny stuff, or plain stupidity…click: Every entertainer needs fans…because it gets hot sometimes: Ahmm…if you want to, add me as a friend. I’ll let you in My Space: Music: Beginning Pepsi – Dj Sossu End Rave Through The Night – Dj Seri

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  1. NightZtormproduction Says:

    @KKortez yea you should =]

  2. KKortez Says:

    @Zito773 hehe, if he did…there would be no story to tell. Not a good one at least.

  3. KKortez Says:

    @NightZtormproduction Thanks, I think I will make more with these characters.

  4. KKortez Says:

    @RayaneSaysHi 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  5. KKortez Says:

    @hellzBrother That’s cool. How old are you? (If you don’t mind me asking)

  6. KKortez Says:

    @Chiascomputer hehe, yeah it’s pretty stupid. I mean, at 18 you guys are aloud to join the military. So if the government thinks you’re old enough to kill someone and get through it, why would they not think you’re responsible enough to drink. It doesn’t make sense.

  7. KKortez Says:

    @mrszefron14 :)…He’s my favorite to play!

  8. KKortez Says:

    @MaxwellAndCompany hehe, which one’s your favorite?

  9. KKortez Says:

    @TessEntertainment Thanks, that makes me tons happy. =D

  10. NightZtormproduction Says:

    haha dude funny video good job

  11. RayaneSaysHi Says:

    Woah that was halirous !!

  12. hellzBrother Says:

    Nice 🙂
    i had my birthday 6 days before you! 😀

  13. Chiascomputer Says:

    Hahah! Smooth!! Stupid US and it being 21. GOSH.

  14. mrszefron14 Says:

    i lovee the gangster character 🙂

  15. TessEntertainment Says:

    Paha god job (: the whole time i was like damnnnn is he gunna drink it hurryyyyy turns out its freakin waterrr?! xD niceee storyplot 😀 and characters 😀 *thumbs up&subscribes*

  16. Zito773 Says:

    joe is overthinking the shit and should just have the fucking drink.

  17. MaxwellAndCompany Says:

    LOL I love the characters!

  18. juanster555 Says:


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