It’s How You Ask in Your Internet Marketing Promotion

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I think it is safe to say none of us likes taking orders. The reason many people look to the Internet to research a genuine home business online opportunity is that they are tired of taking orders. They aspire to be their own boss where they feel they will never be subjected to having to take orders again. Orders, no matter why they are given, usually arouse resentment. And while the order may be carried out, thus giving an immediate result, the long term result is undoubtedly resentment and anger. It is really a way of ‘putting someone in their place’, ‘showing them who is boss’. This is not a good means of becoming an effective leader of a home business online opportunity. It will alienate others and cause them to avoid you rather than seek to be in your company. Is there an alternative to giving orders? Yes definitely. Dale Carnegie, in his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, advises giving suggestions and inviting comments and suggestions from others as a means of getting people to do as you want them to. Using this method as opposed to orders has many advantages. It gives a person a feeling of importance as they are seen to arrive at the conclusion themselves. Thus their pride is kept intact. Cooperation is a far more likely outcome than rebellion. It also gets the other person into the habit of thinking things through and eventually sorting things out themselves without any intervention, thus freeing up your time for more important matters. Orders create lazy robotic minds. There is no reason for thinking. The ‘boss’ does the thinking and issues the orders. The others just follow the orders. A sure recipe for the creation of sheep!!!

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