Issa: Financial Reform Bills Don’t Touch Biggest Problem…Reckless Government Mortgages

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Ranking Member Issa, tapped to represent the House Republicans in the House-Senate financial reform conference session, points out the glaring flaw in both bills: neither addresses the underlying problem of reckless, government-backed mortgage lending. That’s what caused the crisis and the Democrat authors of the bills (in the pocket of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) don’t get it. 6-10-10: Oversight Productions

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  1. ERICRIPPER1 Says:

    matthew 19-23,24

  2. beancube2010 Says:

    When will govt put caps on house rent and price in sync with low income population and unemployment rate in this country? How about a Public Option Mortgage? Prices are still high unless short selling with the bank. Even people try their best, they are still cornered close into bankruptcy and foreclosure because of sluggish house price and mass layoff trend. Free market capitalism and technology should make necessity more affordable and available for consumers, why aren’t they now?

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