iPad 2 Launch – Sydney, Australia

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iPad 2 launch. 03/25/11 – 5pm – George Street, Downtown Sydney. Flagship Apple Store. TWITTER – twitter.com Facebook – on.fb.me

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  1. RADZ001 Says:

    98% were Asians lol its only a piece of junk lmfao

  2. fusantima Says:

    @TabloidJunk No I didn’t get one, I honestly can’t see myself using it very much. I have my iphone 4 and that is my 3rd arm and does everything I need it to when I am not near my laptop at home.

  3. TabloidJunk Says:

    @fusantima i’m happy to say: No I Didn’t!
    i’m so glad i didn’t crumble to the pressure cause here we are a week later and i still love my iPad1 just as much as before, and the world has continued spinning even though i didn’t upgrade 🙂

    What about you? did u get one?

  4. fusantima Says:

    So did you buy one?

  5. aliancer Says:

    My friend just got the 3g white ipad 2 yesterday from jb hifi, a week after it sold out in apple store. Sigh… 🙁

  6. antblog701 Says:

    @daviddth99 If you are LithgowLights, then I was the one chatting to you not long after you joined the queue.

  7. TheDarkScareCrow Says:

    Dude look at that guy charging through at 0:07, he means business.

  8. EarthBeautifull Says:

    So many Apple employees standing around doing nothing.

  9. damienmj Says:

    This was the FIRST video my macbook ever viewed haha! I just don’t see what’s so good about iPads… Obviously a LOT of people disagree with me.

  10. johnchapterseventeen Says:

    give me strength

  11. eujeeves Says:

    meh I’ma wait for ipad3

  12. carlyonv Says:

    I didn’t realise people were so excited about it. The customers must have felt rare having the staff clapping at them like that. Weird.

  13. 20030311 Says:

    So Many Chinese farmers

  14. daviddth99 Says:

    @antblog701 Heck you must have been VERY close to us!

  15. daviddth99 Says:

    @TabloidJunk Left home at 2am, was in line just after 4am, so 13hrs till opening & we were in by 5:30pm.

  16. TabloidJunk Says:

    @dreamer72fem i did.. i had to be part of it.. but i am proud to say, i DIDN’T buy one!!

  17. TabloidJunk Says:

    @daviddth99 awesome! how long did u wait for?

  18. TabloidJunk Says:

    @findingmiddlegrey haha yeah it’s kinda crazy, but it makes the experience memorable – it’s all good fun!

  19. findingmiddlegrey Says:

    exciting, I want one now…
    Though I hate it when they clap, makes me uncomfortable. I went for a job interview/seminar at Apple last year… they erupted into applause as we walked in… so awkward.

  20. daviddth99 Says:

    A couple of shots of me and the family in line – cool 🙂

  21. dreamer72fem Says:

    I knew you would go out in the madness:)

  22. TisKujo Says:

    Good God! Did you see that bike at 0:33? Amazing.

  23. smellyjw Says:

    did you end up giving in to the hype? that is the question!

  24. palenegroe Says:

    lol i managed to wait 30 mins at a local apple dealer and get 2 64 gigs i can’t believe people waited over an hour for one…

  25. RolyUnGashaaHD Says:

    so did you give in and get one??

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