Investing in Canada Real Estate Market

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Like any other western country, the real estate market in Canada is a traditional and mature market that employs hundreds of thousands of people and provides attractive returns to investors. The investor returns are cyclical and are representative of the key economic factors like unemployment, GDP growth, interest rates, inflation etc.

Investing in either the residential or the commercial real estate in Canada provides a real estate investor an opportunity to diversify their portfolio and thus stabilize their returns. In the recent past, the Canadian real estate market has yielded above market returns after adjusting for inflation and has attracted billions of dollars from both domestic as well as foreign investors.

Given the high demand and recent high rates of appreciation in the real estate market in Canada, investing in Canada real estate market provides the investor an opportunity to buy a residential property and either rent it out or flip it within a year during a market upswing. In the recent past, several investors who invested in real estate market in Canada have followed the flip strategy and benefited from annual returns in excess of twenty percent.

Overall Canada has the following two attractions for real estate investors interested in investing in Canada:

First, Canada attracts a large number of rich expatriates who move to Canada either to retire or to work under the Canadian Immigration Department‘s skilled worker program. This is a big contributor to the Canadian economy as a whole and the real estate market in particular as theses expatriates continuously keep up the rental demand and in some instances demand for resale of homes. Cities that are most popular amongst the immigrants offer a great investment opportunity in the Canada real estate market as the immigrant inflow make these cities slightly immune to the national economic conditions.

Secondly Canada has been blessed with a fast growing market within its borders. For more than five years in a row, Canada has been rated as one of the best places to live in the world by a leading research company. The political stability, economic strength and high quality of life has resulted in spawning and expansion of a multitude of small businesses and led to the physical expansion of several Canadian cities. These cities have in turn developed commercial and residential real estate sectors which offer tremendous investment opportunities. A real estate investor thus has the option to invest in any one of Canada’s growing cities and either buy a residential or a commercial property – office space, industrial or retail units. In addition, there is also a fast growing tourist sector that creating new and attractive opportunities as more and more people invest in second or vacation homes.

Thus there are unlimited opportunities for a real estate investor in the Canadian real estate market and if one performs their due diligence and follows the process, one can easily achieve above market returns. Short term gains, sustainable income and long term growth can all be provided by Canada’s real estate market if the investor can correctly target and time their investments.

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