Internet Marketing? WTF Parody

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My Internet Marketing Video.. everyone else has one.. so…

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  1. launchjacking1 Says:

    Mr. Miyagi
    wax on, wax off LOL

  2. doozle41 Says:

    LOLLLL fantastic!!!

  3. ania1you Says:

    blacker than your hole? the blackhole, that is….

  4. ania1you Says:


  5. dougly911 Says:

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  6. taylormarek Says:


  7. Circle777 Says:

    nice hair.. (no homo)

    blow dried?

  8. Johnsonharris Says:

    In Internet marketing we need to plan everything first in a strategical way. Thanks for sharing. you did a good job.

  9. nx2overide Says:

    @internettopmentor LOL

  10. internettopmentor Says:

    I’m a fan of your work. Connect with me on facebook by clicking on How to Do Internet Marketing the Right Way

  11. SportsFishingPinoy Says:

    You make me laugh MARKETING MICE….TER. How do I rank #1 in Google? tomorrow, not next week. Can you tell us who invented the MOON?

  12. Dieseltaz1 Says:

    rofl! lmfao! You are awesome,! Ummm, how much for the tub & Tile????

  13. nx2overide Says:

    @recraig2 This guy knows his musicians.. you got me. 🙂

  14. recraig2 Says:

    Of course he’s a drummer. Drummers act that way – without drugs. –> ||:-i

  15. recraig2 Says:

    Of course he’s a drummer. Drummers act that way – without drugs. –> ||:-i

  16. nx2overide Says:

    @BLPdevelopment I think i am.. no wait..

  17. BLPdevelopment Says:

    hmmm…you appear to be broke…

  18. gta747 Says:

    i bet u could market this video

  19. foxman105 Says:

    @nx2overide Lol 😀

  20. szury Says:

    wow you look very bored. I am not buying anything from those guys either but you can’t even imagine how much money some of them are making 🙂

  21. aartvegan Says:

    How much for the empty box?
    I’m only going to buy it because of your shirt. 😉

  22. DONDON2013 Says:

    Funny stuff bro lmao !!!

  23. CarboncopyPROHomeBiz Says:

    Awesme Vid, Very helpful, Check out a few of mine 🙂

  24. wordofadvice1 Says: That was funny once I caught on. Your so bad. Not right. Not right. God Bless You Silly man, and thanks for the laugh.,smile

  25. wordofadvice1 Says:

    Please teach me. I want to know and I would be a great student. God Bless You. smile

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