Internet Marketing Tips For Profit Survival by Joel

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Internet marketing tips are sometimes crucial to online and profit survival. Getting the good ones now can save you a lot of headaches later.There has been a many a online business bite the dust because the tips they were receiving were the wrong ones. They may have even been good tips. Not just the right ones for them.

I had a friend who was too proud to ask any advice whatsoever.This friend had a pretty decent online business going on. He was writing articles for quiet a few marketers. Actually he was getting more business than he could handle on his own.

If he would have ask me in time, I would have recommended he search a few article marketing forums and try out some of the writers on them. While he was trying them out, I would have suggested a small price increase on his writing.He was writing way too cheap and could not really afford to pay even a beginning writer and turn a profit himself.

His going up in price would have resulted in a temporary slow down in business but because of the higher price he would still be making around the same money. More time would help.Internet marketing tips. When you have a lot more business than you can handle go up in price enough to lose a few.

There will always be a few that you wouldn’t mind losing anyway. With the extra time find good writers. The wrong outsourcing is a lot worse than no outsourcing. At least no outsourcing doesn’t lose you money.He did chose an outsourced writer. They were not from an English speaking country. The problem was he is writing and marketing to an English speaking crowd.

He went up on his prices. By like one hundred and twenty percent.

That went over real well. Out of over two hundred original clients, he was now well below 50. Not only did he lose about one hundred and twenty five, 3 or 4 article a month customers, he lost around ten ten articles a week customers.

Hey, I told you he had more than he could do.

Internet marketing tips. Never go up drastically on your prices.Try to Take little steps and see where your market stops tolerating. Instead he basically cut his monthly income by seventy five percent. He spent a lot of money testing writers. he found a writer but no longer had the clients to warrant hiring them.

He was not entirely back to ground zero but he was pretty much having to start real close to the beginning. This time he was not too proud to ask.

I was honored to help.

I explained to him he made the right moves just at the wrong times and was raising prices way too aggressively. He did have a client list so we started contacting them. I was actually amazed at how quickly most of these marketers replaced him. Later on a few did come back because of previous quality.

I would like to tell you that under my guidance it took him just a few days to get back to where he was. The honest truth is it took almost a year. But this time he is making more profit and doing very little of the work himself. All because of a few well timed internet marketing tips.

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