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This article discusses Auto-Responders. Refer to other articles on this web-site for other important Auto-Responder information.

Ok, so you know why you want to establish a mailing list (to keep in contact with your visitors and customers and be able to offer them special deals and promotions as well as to provide information that is truly of use and of benefit to them).

So how should you set a campaign up? It could be a potential disaster if you don’t do it properly and to consider ramifications of mixing potential and actual customers together.

Here is an example.

You may have an e-Book your selling on your website.

The regular price of the e-Book may be $47. As part of the pre-sales process, you offer an opt-in to a mailing list where potential buyers can find out more information about your e-Book, and you can over a period of time give them information about the e-Book, etc.

Having customers and prospects on the same mailing list is usually not a good idea, because you cannot target the information you wish to provide to each group.

You would be much better off providing one list all the information about the eBook (your prospects list) and have another list be following up purchases of the e-Book, with other relevant information.

Can you see how, overall, the quality of information you provide to each group would degrade if you attempted to get away with just one list.

For example, what about if you wanted to offer your existing customers a discount on another product (but not to the prospects). What about if you wanted to offer prospects a discount for a limited period of time to purchase the eBook.

This would just end up upsetting the other grouo of people if you attempted to combine them onto one list. Surprisingly many companies try to do exactly that.

Decent auto-responder software can do some smart things like automatically move a prospect from one list to another after a specific event occurs.

In the example above, you could get a prospect moved from the “prospects” list t the “customers” list automatically when the prospect purchased your e-Book. Nice hey?

Can you see where I am going with this? You need to have a range of auto-responders for customers, potential customers, and maybe elite customers. Don’t forget about your affiliates who are selling your products, they need their own set of auto-responders giving them absolutely all the information they need to know.

Things like where to find all the tools they need to market your products, how to check their affiliates, call to actions, special promotions (you might even offer your affiliates additional commissions for a limited time, or offer an extra once off payment for the highest paying affiliate in that month).

Remember also that while auto-responders are automatically sending out these emails to your various contacts, you can still send out a “once-off” email to each group.

For example, in the case of your affiliate mailing list, you could send them an email every time the e-Book was updated, or to advise of a special promotion for the next seven days, etc.

Are you starting to see how powerful mailing lists and auto-responders are? Auto-responders work for you automatically twenty-four hours a day.

So what has all this got to do with web traffic you may be asking? Well it’s simple really, you are maximizing traffic to your website be greatly increasing the chances of getting repeat business from existing customers and getting your name in front of potential customers often greatly increasing the chances of them buying.

Just imagine when the day comes and you have written your second e-Book (of course it’s related and useful content isn’t it?). You now have the opportunity to sell that e-Book to all your customers who have already bought from you previously (this includes all the customers your affiliates brought to your website!

Oh happy happy, joy joy!) You can make changes in your auto-responder strategy (change the content, add a new email so that future auto-responders promote the new e-Book). And you may decide to put customers who buy the new e-Book on a separate mailing list and yes, you guessed it you promote your original e-Book on that list!

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I use and recommend AWeber for my mailing lists and auto-responders. They are a premium service (but not premium price), and most importantly their percentage of successful email they send is a lot higher than most of their opposition.

For anything to do with free website traffic; we suggest you do some careful research first and beware of the sharks out there!

The other great thing about them is they have a fantastic set of Video’s showing how to use their products. I “get” stuff much quicker if I can see it, and Video does this for me.

Check out AWeber, they have a free trial available.

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