Internet Marketing Services For Small Businesses

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To celebrate the first 90 days of Biznextdoor, we have compiled a list of the most reviewed internet marketing services from local small businesses across the country. If you don’t see an internet marketing strategies and service you have used, be sure to share your experience with us here. On top of the feedback our member’s are from internet marketing services professionals, local businesses marketing, online business marketing and the vendor’s themselves. We are giving away marketing dollars for top rated internet marketing reviews!

As we continue to grow we’ll provide more detailed statistics in blog posts like this of which internet marketing service works for which type of strategies business and why. Help us get there and share!

  • Google Adwords – Advertising product that shows advertising on and the Google Partner network.
  • Facebook Ads – Facebook’s advertising product that allows businesses to create ads and target them based on member profiles on
  • Groupon – Deal of the Day website that promotes a heavily discounted local business deal to mass subscribers in a specific city.
  • ReachLocal – Internet marketing company that uses technology to run search engine advertising and display advertising for local small businesses
  • Yelp! Advertising –’s advertising option where businesses may advertise for preferred search placements and to receive enhanced profiles.
  • Yodle – Similar to ReachLocal, Yodle is a large internet marketing company that promotes local small businesses.
  • LivingSocial – Rival of Groupon, LivingSocial is another ‘Deal of the Day’ website that promotes heavily discounted local business deals to massive amounts of subscribers in specific cities.
  • LinkedIn Ads – LinkedIn’s advertising product where businesses can target their advertising based on information provided with a LinkedIn profile.
  • WebVisible – Large internet marketing that helps small businesses get found online.
  • -A website where homeowners are referred to contractors who pay fees for those referrals.
  • Get social – Social media is now a regularly accepted method of connecting with existing and prospective clients. Check out competitors on Facebook (go through their Facebook page as well for ideas) and follow them on Twitter. See the conversations they are having with their customer base. For the first time in history, businesses can be in the know of conversations other similar local businesses are having with their customers.
  • · Simple search – The great thing about the internet is that it is open. Search the competitors name in Google and make note where they show up. Are they doing Pay Per Click? Do they have a local map listing? Do they show up in Yelp!, the Yellow Pages, or any other online directories? From a simple Google search, all of this information is at your fingertips.
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