Internet Marketing Secrets 3 of 3

Pin It Internet Marketing Secret #3 Create a Value Based Business. Clip from presentation given by Russell Brunson at the 12 Month Internet Millionaire Workshop in Salt Lake City, UT in February, 2008.

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  2. niverjeff10 Says:

    people there is no such thing as “internet marketing secrets” advertising and marketing is always going to be similar weather its internet, billboards, radio, tv or whatever. the only difference is how its presented and designed. yes there are some good strategies you can use to increase sales from email or postcards, like an eye catching header, and easy to understand content in the body. but there are no secrets. information is there and available for you to learn for almost free.

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  19. zoobieruss Says:

    Russell is really a great speaker..^^ I just love his ideas!

  20. pamsmom1 Says:

    Great tips, and info. I will be looking into this more closely.


  21. mysticmalc Says:

    cool video I enjoyed watching it

  22. jeffwend55 Says:

    Russell is the man, great advice and guidance.

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