Internet Marketing And Search Engine Optimisation Tips

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Nowadays internet marketing is vital for every online business, without getting traffic from search engine it is almost impossible to be profitable and to have a long term strategy. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the set of process that every online business owner needs to know about. In fact, SEO’s aim is to optimize a website’s page or pages to get the best search engine ranking position and therefore be more visible on targeted keywords. Google is the main source of traffic, so most website owners are aiming to be as visible as possible in this search engine as it represents around 70% of the traffic.

Optimising a website is a long-term commitment, to become an authoritative source of information there is huge amount of work to build a respectable reputation and popularity. When an online business is seen as an authority it tends to have good positions in search engines on a wide set of keywords and gets a lot of traffic if this source this traffic is well converted that can drive huge amount of sales and profit as SEO is the most cost-effective way to advertise a website. After achieving these good results, it is very important to be able to maintain this results as competitors may try to outrank your website and get the best ranking. Optimising a website is a long term and hard work which doesn’t showing result instantly. As an example, it is like an artist trying to be famous but who needs to prove and improve his skills overtime to be recognised as a top artist. The most important aspect in search engine optimisation is content quality, search engines are mostly reading text and to add a real value to a website, it is important to bring valuable and useful content. Find below some top tips for beginners to hit road.

The first tip is as said before, quality content, this is vital to bring fresh and unique content relevant to the keywords targeted, written by humans so it is very important to avoid duplicating and uninformative content which doesn’t bring any value to the site.
The second tip is to get the website linked by others; in fact backlinks from relevant websites give credit to the website. This is a way for search engine to understand that a good website is seeing your website as a useful source of information. There are multiple methods to get backlinks, to name a few: article and directory submissions or link exchange between sit owners. It is as important to quality and quantity.
The third tip is to combine quality content and usability with a well built design which attract the eyes of the users.
The fourth tip is to maintain a workflow and work on the same pace whatever the ranking; it is important keep the good work up rather than waiting for results.

The last and maybe more important tip is to play by the rules, many people are trying to trick search engines by producing poor quality content and unethical practices that clearly harms the user experience. When those websites get caught by the search engines they can get penalized or banned losing all their rankings positions as a result.

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