Insurance Company Rules

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Check out “Insurance Company Rules” – a collaboration between Health Care For America Now (HCAN) and Public Service Administration (PSA). You can read more at:

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  1. rangers11000 Says:

    what is soooooo wrong with a national health care system,free health care for evreyone,whats worng with that,sure your taxes will get raised a LITTLE,but what would you rather tax increases or a loved one with a chronic ilness dying because they dont have insurence or having to sell your home to pay for your healthcare?
    it has worked in
    and even some developing countries,
    america can afford it but refuses to do it,
    it has nothing to do with communism

  2. AxaPolicy50007837 Says:


    still from 2006 ! ! !


  3. alevex Says:

    i duno if 85 percent are really happy with not being able to truly depend on coverage from a company but if 15 of people are rushed into hospitals and are treated for something, that is billlions of money out of taxpayers wallets to pay for that treatment. and then if you try to charge them, they go bankrupt and cant pay for it anyways. 15% of people would go bankrupt, awesome system, good job democracy, looking out for the little guy

  4. mauimahina Says:

    I am amongst the 85% of Americans who is verrrry happy with their healthcare insurance. None of the 15% without insurance gets turned away from emergency rooms and clinics… if they were themedia would be all over it.

    Why does the government want to dismantle our current system for the 15%? Why not develop a program for the 15%? it’s clear in that the government wants to control us you idiots.

    Such sheeple you lemmings are.

  5. ancabamo Says:

    mauimahina So your telling me you have got the greatest healthcare? The American healthcare is still the healthcare of a thirthworld country,witch is a BIG shame! Its selfish people like you (don’t take away my good healthcare) who could not care less if people are dying, they are human beings, and the way you are calling them “asswipe” tells us a LOT about your character. Its only ME,ME, you care about.

    The Netherlands

  6. mauimahina Says:

    We have the greatest healthcare… ask any Canadian who comes here for treatment… our system isn’t perfect but at least 85% of our people are happy with their coverage… the other 15% most of whom are illegal aliens are the ones who a plan should be devised for…. don’t take away my good healthcare to fix the 15% asswipe!

  7. MPIPP1 Says:

    Amen brothers & sisters! They’re definately not on your side!

  8. OrmEmber Says:

    I worked for WellPoint, Blue Cross, and Kaiser.
    I’ll tell you a secret……(they don’t care about you; they just want your money.) I read their intranet “news” where they boasted of their soaring stock price and profits, then filed letters of denials to paying customers.
    I worked in the “Medical Review Dept” for Kaiser, which reviews insurance apps and rejects all the “high-risk ones”, and reviews the applications of expensive patients to see how to drop them.
    They’re not your friend.

  9. aldenbuzz Says:

    Europe loves Europeans more than America loves Americans. Your governments let you live and not die from curable illnesses. Maybe our government will do what we elected them to do: give every single American the ability to receive timely healthcare. We know that you have this in Europe. We want to live, too.

  10. ancabamo Says:

    I live in europe, and I always was looking up to America thinking what a wonderful country this must be where everything was great. But afther watching all the news over here about the American healthcare, I am starting to of think Amerika is a third world country, where people are dying of curable illness becourse they dont get good medical treatment

  11. progay Says:

    Stop the insurance companies from highjacking health care reform!

  12. ashweee123 Says:

    Please see movie John Q

  13. Marvin27 Says:

    “Our government is not going to research and develop new drugs or treatments.” You could not be more wrong about this, 4951WEDDEL, because our government spends BILLIONS on drug research each year! Get a clue.

  14. Marvin27 Says:

    the Walter Reed scandal is a result of the Bush admin cutting their budget and refusing to pay for renovations! Get a clue. While they were shouting about “support the troops” they were cutting the budget for services for our veterans!

  15. FTWyousuck Says:


    awesome beat down of the current health care nightmares. Great vid… I LOL’d!!

  16. akijujutsu Says:

    michalchik Your slander makes me sad for you. I will also say I believe that personaly and profesionaly those I have touched would probably line up and spit on you for slandering me. I wonder if you could say the same about your work and life??

  17. akijujutsu Says:

    I was not inadvertant in my statement of experience. You sound as one that is focussed on having me provide for you!! You are now only engaged in trying to impeach my statements. why dont you offer any facts rather than stories?? Just call your local hospital and ask how far they have thier surgical center schedule filled. You will probably find I am correct. You seem like a brat that cannot do this though!

  18. michalchik Says:

    Apparently you don’t know what hearsay and anecdotal evidence is. Look it up I don’t have time or space to educate you.

    Thanks for inadvertently admitting that you have a conflict of interest. In an effort to establish your Bona Fides you have admitted you are one of the parasites sucking American health-care dry, driving up costs for your own enrichment and perfectly happy to let people go without as long as your bottom line is fine. Anything you say now is suspect.

  19. michalchik Says:

    I am not interested in what you imagine the time-line might be.You can tell me as many stories as you like and I can make up stories about any other medical system and clain I have insight. I can imagine that insurance companies delay proceedures for years in the hope that patients will die or give up. You need to deliver some facts that can be independently verified. Haven’t you ever written a report for school? Do you know what a citation is? Is backing up your assertions too hard for you?

  20. michalchik Says:

    I was entirely unimpressed by his inclusion of anecdotes in his speech. but because there are lots of stupid people that are impressed by such things it was politically expedient if manipulative. One that sadly has been repeatedly used by every president since Reagan because it is such a good propaganda techniques.

  21. akijujutsu Says:

    Hey Michalchic Obama Sited two individuals in his speech last night! One woman that died of breast cancer and one man that man that had gall stones. If you are correct about valdity of personal experiences then maybe you should fire him!!

  22. akijujutsu Says:

    If soneone has other health conditions that they must get over first.. Like some infection or something. Frequently there is other illness or conditions affecting the patient. There are a few well known facilities and Doctors that have people lining up to have them do the surgery. This is because of their personal reputation. SO people may WANT to wait for those surgeons. But that is their CHOICE!!!

  23. akijujutsu Says:

    You want a base line on the waiting period for a hip surgery in the US? If you have a diagnosis and have established medical nescesity (doc recomends it) You can have a pre-op physical generaly within a week and the surgery one -three wks after. Maybe month total. At least in Fl., IL, Mi. and Wi. I could provide evidence of just that time line being done! The only time people generaly wait is if they CAN and SHOULD try physical therepy first. OR

  24. akijujutsu Says:

    Michalchik…Well the inforamtion I said was from MY FAMILY! And also from the Government of Canada! So you are WRONG WRONG WRONG! I have twenty years in working on Finanacing health care and am VERY succsesfull at it!! Corperations, Healthcare providers as well as Health insurance companies have underwritten many millions in risk based on my work. Maybe, just maybe, you should be a little more humble in your approach!! My experience though is that you probably wont be.

  25. michalchik Says:

    Did my hearsay anecdotal evidence convince you? It shouldn’t because it is as worthless as yours. If your boss asks you for a report on trends in the economy and you tell him that your freind is doing well in real-estate and thinks everyone is, you’ll get fired for incompetence. If you assert “facts” be prepared to back them up with something more than rumors. Also you never had a baseline comparison. What is the wait time in the US for hip replacement?

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