Inside Story – War Crimes – January 12 – Part 2

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Inside Story asks: what are the chances of pursuing Israel legally? What, if any, recourse has the international community to punish those alleged to be accountable? Would senior Israeli political and military leaders bear personal liability for their offenses, and could they be prosecuted by an international tribunal? Maryam Nemazee discusses.

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  1. SHitler777 Says:

    Jurist Richard Goldstone was responsible for sending at least 28 black South Africans to death when they appeared before him during the apartheid regime,


  2. deklares1 Says:

    that is so fuckin true. speak against them and you get called an anti-semite and always reminded of the holocaust now thats ironic look what their doing to palestine now… wouldnt be unfair to call it GENOCIDE… no more about the holocaust israel!

  3. deklares1 Says:

    Bigbentz2005 its this ignorance that so many israeli people show that perpetuates the violence. Hamas and the PLO have committed some very evil acts but what do you expect from people who have had their families, homes, money and land taken from them by the evil Zionists within Israel.

  4. mayberry0331 Says:

    New evidence released showing the truth about the war crimes comitted by Hamas against the Palestinian women and children. Horrible acts of cowardice by these so called “men” of Hamas. Long live a Gaza free of Hamas terrorist. May the Palestinian people find freedom, democracy and peace by getting rid of Hamas dictators.

  5. perazh Says:

    People can u see the effort of the Nazi Jewish Mossad members here in the comments to cover their Shit?

    Synagogue of Satan is Cursed by God

  6. amirzubairmughal Says:

    ya rightly said!! like spanish history and indian history is evidences of peace by muslims..muslims ruled in india more then 600 years but still 75% ppls are non muslims.and in spain you cat justify that was incredible muslims history to prove islam is peace,,

  7. grinningchicken Says:

    The Jews were always rich because they stick their long noses up Americas ass begging for military aid. Help us! Help us! We were Hitlers bitches and we can’t do shit for ourselves, we can’t fight 15 year old throwing rocks. Buncha Pussies!

  8. grinningchicken Says:

    You like havent read the bible both children are promised. And only an inbred retard would think it covers both good and bad people.

  9. Bigbentz2005 Says:

    LOL !
    Palestinians were always poor because of their terrorist leadership which support terror ! Hamas is corrupted and taking all the money for terror.


  10. Bigbentz2005 Says:

    Hamas is the responsible for that. not Israel

  11. grinningchicken Says:

    Its horrifiying how the Zionist can kill like that and starve kids to death. its horrible that people who call themselves Christians the followers of the most compassionate prophet can ignore this. Its awful the our Taxes go for bailout money for rich bankers and killing people but we don’t have anything for schools or health care.

  12. deisel1967 Says:

    It’s pure hypocracy for Israeli forces to kill civilians & call it “collateral damage” but when Palestinian forces kill civilans it’s called “terrorism” & “murder”

  13. valu777 Says:

    You shall not murder
    You shall not commit adultery
    You shall not steal
    deserve heven or hell?

    it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the JUDGEMENT:
    whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the LAKE OF FIRE.
    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father,but by me
    that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord SHAL BE SAVED

  14. kifenehma3ak Says:

    they will never stop until they kill every palestinian, slowly slowly… what misjustice!!!!!

  15. layla22or Says:

    hahaha…islam has always been a religion of peace and freedom…islam allowed non-muslims to live in muslims lands for centuries from the medieval times till now…christians, jews, pagans…it wasn’t the same thing in europe where jews were chased away from andalousia and faced descrimination all over europe!!! in the 30’s jew couldn’t have a property in miami, but in muslims country they were living for centuries and had all the rights that muslims had

  16. rozza81 Says:

    and how many times you attacked Gaza in those 8 years and how many death and destruction you left behind??? the rockets didn’t stop and it will never stop by needs political solution ……for people like you killing other people is alot easier that slove the problem and give them justice …no peace without fair justice ..otherwise its SURRENDER not peace

  17. rozza81 Says:

    no thats not true

    btw Mercava fall down under Hizboallah fighter’s feet still living in fairy tails ..wake up pal 😉

  18. MIRCAVA4EVER Says:

    the real enemy of islam thers two of them .
    1-freedom of speak
    2-freedom of choice.
    islam never work fine withe freedom.

  19. MIRCAVA4EVER Says:

    the real enemy of islam thers two of them .
    1-freedom of speak
    2-freedom of choice.
    islam never work fine withe freedom.

  20. universalpedro Says:

    You didn’t “give” them any land. You can’t give people land that was theirs in the first place and that you had invaded and held in longest illegal occupation in the modern era.
    And your ignorant comment about them staying in the battlefield takes the cake of ignorance.
    more above.

  21. universalpedro Says:

    What an idiotic comment. The home made missiles that are the only weapons available to Gazans to fight back against the siege are being fired at towns like Sderot that are illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land!

  22. DavidDvirLTD Says:

    Why should we help these people ? While half million israelis are being targeted for over 8 years by death rockets.

    We gave them land and freedom , we won’t give anything else. Rather death to those who dream about ours.

    BTW – Since when a normal people stay inside the battlefield ? Crazy Shaids.
    Hamas won’t even help them evacuate.

  23. pubjojo Says:

    It’s not the Israeli Gouvernment who must examinate this War Crimes, but the War Tribunal in Den Hague … like in Neurenberg …

  24. JerrySPsy Says:

    Israel has no interest in eliminating Gazans. Their intentions were clear about only wanting to knock out the threat from Hamas. And how could you blame them if they did want to eliminate both Hamas & Fatah when their charters both call for the total destruction of Israel – and if they had the means to do it they would have done so by now. Israel does have the means but they show great restraint and mercy whether you’d like to think so or not.

  25. JerrySPsy Says:

    The Israelis gave the Palestinian’s the Gaza Strip & painfully removed 8,000 Israelis (& destoyed their homes) who lived in that area & what did they get in return?
    Rockets & bombs threatening over a half a million Israelis, broken truces and ceasefires, and continued aggression. Instead of focusing on peace they were only interested in bringing in weapons so no wonder there are checkpoints!

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