Ignorance To Liberty Turns Into Tyranny

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  1. SAMSIZZLE123 Says:

    We’re promoting democracy around the world yet our founding fathers wanted a republic and NOT a democracy. I’m just a 20 year old kid. Some of you older guys need to organize shit so we can get this going. If i had the resources and the knowledge of organizing it myself i would but i dont. I ask the older and more knowledgable men of my country to help me and my fellow youth and organize something for us. I’ll fight. Believe that.

  2. usrevolution2 Says:

    IS IT TIME?! Go to USRevolution2 (dot com) and get your flag of the Second American Revolution. They look exactly like the flag of Betsy Ross, but with a Roman numeral “II” in the center of the 13 stars. They are made in American (Texas) & are now seen on FoxNews nearly every day. Our flag also appeared recently in episode 7 of this season’s Weeds on Showtime. This flag is now in all 50 states and spreading from porch to porch. They make great gifts for family, friends and recovering Liberals.

  3. BRADMAXXX Says:

    Have you men ever considered…what happens if the majority populace likes its shiny new chains and govt welfare checks?
    I firmly believe we no longer have a republic….and havent in sometime..

  4. Pippaberries Says:

    @randym704 Yes I have, its my favourites.

  5. randym704 Says:

    @Pippaberries have you watched the “Meltup” video?

  6. Pippaberries Says:

    @randym704 Yep. Quite tragic really.

  7. randym704 Says:

    @Pippaberries no, instead there watching rwj or opera

  8. Pippaberries Says:

    Really powerful, this video deserves more attention than its getting.
    People need to open their eyes and watch this.

  9. Iceman5164 Says:

    Not only Politicians, but with the Mainstream Media crap/Propoganda, this kind of education is a necessity.

  10. Iceman5164 Says:

    Not only Politicians, but with the Mainstream Media crap/Propoganda, this kind of education is a necessity.

  11. mooninquirer Says:

    Thanks for the video. I will not be so hard on George Washington, in view of what he said about freedom of speech. I already knew he advised against America getting involved in foreign wars, but that was before Israel was founded. Had Israel existed, 33 rd degree Freemason Washington probably would be a neo-con like Dick Cheney, in view of his establishment of a central bank, and granting special liberties to the Jews of New Port. Google : VIDEO GOOGLE WHO BROUGHT THE SLAVES TO AMERICA

  12. dave777blaster Says:

    Why have the American people abandoned freedom so ?
    They have sold off all of her assets and the people stood idle without a word.
    Now the final insult ,the Govt of the people is set to sell off all the land , still not a word from the people.Idle in their ignorance, For Freedom can not stand, indeed will not stand when the people have become ignorant like the donkey and the dumbo.
    there is scarce an American left worth the shining of the boots of the founding fathers,all hope is in vain.

  13. Tifdexaler Says:

    Great quotes.
    It seems to me to be an act of God or divine resolution to have so many men, obvious geniuses -every last one, to all be put together in the same time and space to plant such a powerful seed of revolution! That seed grew into a nation like the world has never seen or ever expected & may never see again. And that same tree of liberty planted & watered by the blood of patriots still inspires & exhorts people around the world over a couple centuries later! God bless this country…

  14. CDanielzSpecialist Says:

    ignorance is part of america’s program.

  15. olgadel1 Says:

    Will you please teach this in our schools! Our children are not getting this message. The politicians are telling us what to do not the other way around. This was a great presentation! THANK YOU!

  16. astrosfan611 Says:

    INVESTIGATE 9/11! END THE FED! WE NEED PATRIOTS, people willing to “put their bodies upon the gears and upon the levers and indicate that, unless we’re free, the machine will be prevented from working AT ALL.”

  17. gchuggins Says:

    Outstanding! Inspirational! Time for Revolution 2012! Ron Paul for President!

  18. GREATOZ28 Says:

    Rise up and overthrow the yoke of our communist oppressors. The Obama Communist Regime must fall. The government must be taken back by the people for the people. The Tree of Liberty Must be Refreshed by the blood of tyrants.

  19. famasdan Says:


  20. iAMr3VOLution1 Says:

    GREAT VID!!!

  21. voteDRNO Says:


    Loved it! great video!

  22. fazholio Says:

    i am referring in general as i am not a us citizen. good and evil is the same throughout the world.

  23. fazholio Says:

    The problem is that in the physical world Good is weak. All the wisest quotes in the world are not going to save us from an evil ruthless un enlightened person craving control and power…they will just kill and manipulate their way to the top. We need a body of righteous to protect us from these people.

  24. BottleCapsound Says:

    RP 2012

  25. Greeksgonecrazy29 Says:

    AMEN brother or we need order 11001 back in action where we make are own money and take are selfs out of debt. ron paul is the man but he can go only so far we need to stand behind him more and vote hi in the office. But it might br another jfk repeat so He must be careful …..We all need to stand as one

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