iBall presents… BANK AID

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We are a charitable bunch and it is the bankers that need help now. Poor souls. Bonuses gone south. Desks cleared. Empty commuter trains. Given Alexandra has sown up number one, this is iBall&#39s Christmas number 2.

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  1. palmbaymick Says:

    Brilliant, and so well sung too!

  2. fishpig191 Says:

    I really like this
    : ) wonderful

  3. bamehr Says:


  4. matttnaki Says:


  5. matttnaki Says:

    What an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT piece of sattire…

    It will become a classic..

    (And to all those who cannot see it’s genius.. Or who are not able to stand back and have a laugh at our very real problems… Just leave it alone and go back to picking the fluff out of your politically correct navels!)


    Well done crew!

  6. KathyKereama Says:

    Sally sounds like an ugly jealous tired bitch,

    it’s funny!!!!

    Sally sally sally…tsk tsk…you claws are showing. tut tut tut!

  7. dopedeal45 Says:

    There is a bunch of sad fucks that are actually passing their comment on this as if it were a real serious piece… Fuck em you absolute tramps, laugh a little sometimes, not everything in the world has to be serious… I think this is funny, and builds moral for those suffering the credit crunch in the ways of humour…

    Twats the lot of you…

  8. HipHopShawaddyWaddy Says:

    I suppose you were trying your hardest to be comical with this response. You failed… but you knew this cos your self loathing reduces you to petty name calling of people you know nothing about… very classy indeed my friend

  9. itsallok222 Says:

    this vid is so so funny and perfect for the spirit of the times- we need to all have a laugh at life once in a while– jees guys below you all need to lighten up!

  10. diagonal152 Says:

    look at you trying to claim you’ve got “friends”. Bless.

    Reading your comment just made me want to reach for the kitchen knife and slowly slit my wrists. Then I watched the video again and realised that some people do have a sense of humour.

    Cheer up mate, you might get some real friends!!

  11. CVanThomas Says:


  12. trattori Says:

    I imagine they will be able to spell though.

  13. WeGotLedleyAtTheBack Says:

    Blimey, if I couldn’t hate Bob Geldof any more…

    The fact the original spawned this rubbish just goes to show I was right about Bob and his cronies violating my ears. But at least it had a point.

    I hope there’s some sort of boycott on your website (interactive, not youtube) cos this is a horrendous piece of ‘journalism’. I’ve got journalist friends who’ll appalled that this is in the name of their profession.

    Oh Sally, you’re right, that is the slapper who James Hewitt was with. Urgh.

  14. ABornPessimist Says:


    It annoys me that whoever made this tripe will probably consider the fact that my ‘view’ counts to the overall figures and will somehow twist it as a success to an undoubedly ignorant chairman/whoever.

    There’s a bad side to everything, and this just shows that freedom of speech isn’t something everyone should be allowed… even more so if some chumps are getting paid for it, as I assume in this instance.

    Even if I hadn’t lost my job in the credit crunch, I shant trade with II

  15. TonyFellani Says:

    My mum, bless her, always told me never to say anything if you couldn’t say anything nice, but there are just times when rules are there to be broken.

    As a few of my friends have actually felt the thick edge of the credit crunch, I feel this is a bit of a disservice to a lot of people who have suffered due to not only them and their companies’ mistakes but also the governments’.

    I read somewhere that British comedy was on the up. Gimme Keeping Up Appearances any day of the week…

  16. HappyAsSally Says:

    Dear. Y. Me.

    I’ve heard more intelligent things come out of the mouth of the drunk guy who sits outside the cash machine near my office.

    I’m presuming there was a reason for this? Having checked your website I see you’re an ‘allegedly’ reputable trading firm – why be associated with dross like this?

    And isn’t that the bint who got caught with Hewitt a few years back?

    Stay classy Interactive Investor……

  17. trattori Says:

    This isn’t the one from the Express – that’s really unpleasant and from some bunch called the CityBoyz. This one is funny

  18. Tuffsterbogie2006 Says:

    fantastic – nail them up I say! nail them up! its the only language they understand! satire is not dead – hooray

  19. stsilas01 Says:

    Fags and slags

  20. supergordonbrown Says:

    What the hell is this? Is it meant to be funny? If so it failed – miserably. Don’t give up your day jobs

  21. JordanR991 Says:

    daily express dunno what it is called

  22. mjlan85 Says:

    Which one? What paper?

  23. JimmyTheLocalBoy Says:

    deaf*, not deag, obviously!

  24. JimmyTheLocalBoy Says:

    Horrible. Looks as though I’m the first ‘real’ viewer to watch this (the rest seem to be your friends) and I can say that I’m offended.

    It’s the first time I’ve wished I was deag and blind.

    Awful, awful, awful…

  25. JordanR991 Says:

    where is the one that was in the paper today

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