how to succeed investing

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a remake of my previous “how to make money investing” video – I was trying to be “edgy” in the other one but it came out as too obnoxious.

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  1. MarkMillionaireGuru Says:

    Hello lorax2013

    I have to admit I am very impressed with the quality of your videos here on youtube.

    They are certainly a pleasure to watch as I do enjoy them.

    I am sure there is many others who also feel the same about your videos.

    Mark McCulloch

  2. 111256able Says:

    Thanks brother you are trully great!!You ve opened my eyes on matter of finance!At least now I know something and aware of whats happening around me.Keep up the good work!God bless you and your family!!

  3. sniperu2 Says:

    You are wise indeed

  4. blaupunkitty Says:

    LOL @ housing bubble. More like a Vaccum. There is just so much value that has been lost in real estate. Im actually happy that when a Bank takes back a house they lose money. Its what they get for getting people in over their heads.

  5. simplelife987 Says:

    Great Video! Investing is great, but how do you invest when you barely have money to pay for bills? Learn how to make “residual” income and you will succeed and save years of your time…
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  6. sabot96 Says:

    If you review Adam Smith you will find that there are three primary ways to generate wealth. Labor, Land, and Investment. The investment part is key because it is the loaning of wealth to generate additional goods. Don’t remove yourself from this type of investment, you need all three wealth paths to develop true wealth. Buying just gold and finished goods will remove yourself from a very key stream of wealth creation.

  7. MrGrandDragon Says:

    So American is the mother of Evil?

    We all knew that, only subconsciously

  8. alanna4858 Says:

    I recommend Debt And The Shadow Side Of Wealth lecture series or book by Margaret Atwood. It’s less about economics than about the concept of debt but it is excellent nonetheless.

  9. punjsher Says:

    i do quite well in the market. inflation affects in your income in the long run, not in the short run buddy boy. but you do have good points

  10. rushforth07 Says:

    do you recommend any way, websites, brokers, etc. to invest in precious metals? thanks!

  11. Feedfront Says:

    well like buying real estate properties, and then rent it to someone else, so u have a positive caseflow

  12. bodunchar Says:

    I want to comment but what do I know about investing? Become an expert in your chosen field and you will be able to make money.

  13. jeremygsk8 Says:

    I think you are full of yourself. That is what YOU are not aware of! You have no life and you are young and think you know everything!!

  14. BrittPhillips Says:

    Can you bank $43,945.75 in 30 days with ZERO investment? Here’s what I know about it. People will do it with… Passive Income Advice [dot] com.

  15. chroNick546 Says:

    His advice is for the average person who has a 401k buying citigroup shares now. Not for people who are comitted like yourself.

  16. fazholio Says:

    No, Study your ass off and speculate. What people dont understand is that it is not the speculation that doesnt work, its the very little time that people have to put in doing their homework..THAT is the problem.I spent 18 hrs yesterday and will spend 10 hrs today studying Options….that will significantly reduce my chances of making STUPID UNINFORED mistakes. its these mistakes that eat away your equity when you are investing/trading..Do your homework, outwork wall street, and u will do fine!

  17. Johnnyart2000 Says:

    “Excellent, Thank you for sharing!”

  18. TheBadass1000 Says:

    I think you’ve had too much cocaine.

  19. chaospopcorn Says:

    Hey man, I’m actually planning on going to college to become an investor, but now you’ve seriously got me thinking.

    I see exactly what you mean about the depreciation of paper bills, but could you perhaps be a bit more specific about how to invest in ‘true value assets’

    As in do I simply go out and spend my life savings on a pound or two of gold? Hoping to sell it at twice value in a year? Or is there a trick to it? Basically, what do you do for a living?

    Please message back.

  20. dorseyeliana Says:

    Let me no some of my options that i have buying something with value. I save money great and i am starting to buy CDs is that a good value.

  21. Richballermoney Says:

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  22. Danotto9797 Says:

    i couldnt agree more than this guy

  23. SadeTabitha Says:

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  24. gifteconomy123 Says:

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  25. tetekofa Says:


    they will eventually…trust me.

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