How to Save Money for a Night on the Town

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A lot of financial consultants and probably most parents would recommend having a rainy day fund or an emergency stash hidden someone in case of disaster, but what about a night on the town fund? Most would suggest that you cannot save money just to blow it for a night of fun but if you’re working hard, it means that you don’t have a lot of time to have fun usually. Just like budgeting for bills or debt you have to budget for fun, otherwise you’re going to have a lot of money and no happiness. Make it a competition with yourself, how much can you save yourself and have fun? Your personal bank account will thank you! And don’t worry, this article isn’t a suggestion to spend all of your savings – just a helpful guide to show you that you can have a good time without busting the bank.

1) The Outfit

If you’re going out after a long week of work, you want to look good. But if you don’t have the cash for designer duds, try borrowing a friends or try to shop for something at a designer outlet. You can find some of the nicest clothes for up to 70% off. There are also plenty of thrift stores, vintage clothing stores or resale boutiques. A favorite tip of mine is to always try looking in the clearance section of your favorite department stores for one piece that you can wear in a couple of different ways. Necessity is the mother of invention and creativity arises most out of necessity, so go ahead and let your inner stylist out.

2) The Food

A night on the town usually requires food of some kind. If you plan on drinking throughout the night as well, you should definitely eat. The best recommendation to make would be to try eating a nice big meal at home (burgers are the best for avoiding hangovers) that way if you still want to dine out, you won’t need an entree. You can order an appetizer and dessert and a cocktail and you’ll be nice and full and ready to have fun. Be sure to tip properly though, trying to save your money is no reason to take money away from a server that did their job.

3) Entertainment

The hardest part about finding affordable entertainment is often ticket price and cover charge. The key to avoiding cover charges is to be at the establishment somewhat before the excitement begins. Cover charges aren’t usually implemented until after 10 PM. Try going and hanging for a bit with friends and waiting for the fun to arrive. As far as tickets go, if you can do a little bit of pre-planning, you can most likely find the tickets for relatively cheaper. You can also try looking for them online or people that cannot attend trying to sell their tickets on sites like Craigslist. Beware of scalpers though. But you can also have a great time taking in some local music or hanging with friends in your favorite bar. The amount of fun you have is always directly related to the positivity of your attitude.

The important thing to remember when you’re out is to have as much fun as possible and it can be done without having to spend like a high roller. You just have to be creative, inventive and a little forethought doesn’t hurt either. Get your friends and coworkers involved and see if they have any nifty ideas to help have fun and save money too.

This guest post was written by Flynn Zaiger, who has an interest in finding out which of the local community banks has the best personal banking options. So far, in New Orleans, Louisiana, the answer looks to be Hibernia Bank – their website is at The views expressed herein are those of the author and not necessarily those of any financial institution or bank. This article is intended to provide those reading it with information about matters of current interest. It should not be construed as legal or financial advice concerning a specific topic and should not be acted upon without contacting the appropriate professionals.





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